City of Richmond Heights, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 335.010 Following Fire Apparatus.

Section 335.020 Crossing Fire Hose.

Section 335.030 Driving On Sidewalks Prohibited — Exception.

Section 335.040 Backing A Vehicle.

Section 335.050 Opening Vehicle Doors — Restrictions.

Section 335.060 Clinging To Moving Vehicles Prohibited.

Section 335.070 Driving To The Right.

Section 335.080 Body Outside Vehicle — Exception.

Section 335.090 Passengers in Trucks.

Section 335.100 Obstructing or Interfering With Driver's Control, Passengers.

Section 335.110 Distance At Which Vehicles Shall Follow.

Section 335.115 Limitations On Use of Hand-Held Electronic Wireless Communications Devices.

Section 335.120 Obstructing Traffic — Crosswalks, Intersections.

Section 335.125 Cutting Through Private or Public Property To Avoid Traffic Stop Signals.

Section 335.130 Motor Vehicles On Public or Private Parking Lots — Conduct of Operator.

Section 335.140 Occupancy of Front Seat.

Section 335.150 Stopping For School Bus.

Section 335.160 Five Lane Traffic — Left Turn Regulations.

Section 335.170 Yielding Right-Of-Way At Intersections — Rules.

Section 335.175 Jake Brakes Prohibited.

Section 335.180 Zones of Quiet — Restrictions — Designation.

Section 335.190 Unattended Vehicle — Removal of Keys — Owner Responsible.

Section 335.200 Parked Vehicle — Braking Requirement.

Section 335.210 Cruising Prohibited.

Section 335.220 Throwing or Placing Injurious Substances On Streets — Removal.

Section 335.230 Trailers — Permanent Fixture To Ground Prohibited.

Section 335.240 Vending Merchandise From Vehicle — Regulations.

Section 335.245 Certain Vehicles' Operation Restricted.

Article II Passing Regulations

Section 335.250 Passing Regulations.

Section 335.260 No-Passing Zones Designated — Markings — Prohibition.

Article III Motorcycles

Section 335.270 Riding On Motorcycles — Additional Passenger — Requirements.

Section 335.280 Headgear Required — Motorcycles or Motortricycles.

Article IV All-Terrain Vehicles

Section 335.290 All-Terrain Vehicles — Prohibited — Exceptions — Operation Under An Exception — Prohibited Uses — Penalty.

Article V Construction or Work Zone Traffic Offenses

Section 335.300 Additional Fines For Offenses in Construction Zones.

Section 335.310 Endangerment of A Highway Worker in Construction or Work Zone.