City of Breckenridge Hills, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 347.010 Definitions.

[CC 1996 §347.010; CC 1981 §350.010; Ord. No. 450 §9, 12-5-1977]
For the purposes of this Chapter, the following terms shall be deemed to have the meaning indicated below:
Areas on private property providing for parking twenty-five (25) or more automobiles or other vehicles and which are regularly used by the public incident to commercial purposes of the owner or occupant of the property.
Includes private streets and those areas designated or appearing as driveways, on private property, that are utilized to provide a flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic upon or providing access to or from parking lots, commercial buildings to which the public is invited or servicing multiple-family apartment developments of twenty-four (24) dwelling units or more.

Section 347.020 Drivers to Exercise Care — Speed.

[CC 1996 §347.020; CC 1981 §350.020; Ord. No. 450 §9, 12-5-1977]
Every person operating a motor vehicle on parking lots and private ways within the City of Breckenridge Hills, Missouri, shall drive the same in a careful and prudent manner and shall exercise ordinary care and at a rate of speed not in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour and at such lesser speed, when required, so as not to endanger the life or limb of any person or his/her property. Every person shall take into consideration the amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the visibility and atmospheric conditions and the condition of the driveways or parking lots. All regulations provided by other City ordinances, to include amendments, that are applicable to motor vehicles on public streets with respect to signaling, lights, backing, turning, sounding of horn, etc., shall apply to vehicles operated in parking lots and private ways.

Section 347.030 Parking in Lots, Etc., Not to Obstruct Traffic — Loading and Unloading.

[CC 1996 §347.030; CC 1981 §350.030; Ord. No. 450 §9, 12-5-1977]
No person shall park or leave his/her car in any parking lot, private way, fire lane or in any space so as to prevent the free flow of traffic at all times. A person in the act of loading or unloading shall be permitted to park only in those areas, if any, set aside by the owner of the property for the purpose of loading and unloading. All other stopping or parking of vehicles shall be only in parking areas as designated.

Section 347.040 Appropriate Signs to Be Erected.

[CC 1996 §347.040; CC 1981 §350.040; Ord. No. 450 §9, 12-5-1977]
Stop signs, parking restriction signs, fire lane signs, exit and entrance signs and other appropriate signs, as well as barriers and curbings, regulating the flow of traffic or parking shall be erected at the direction of the City.

Section 347.050 Non-Motor Propelled Vehicles.

[CC 1996 §347.050; CC 1981 §350.050; Ord. No. 450 §9, 12-5-1977]
Non-motor propelled vehicles shall park only in the designated areas provided and shall not be propelled or driven in such a manner as to be inconsistent with the proper and prudent operation. The operation of a non-motor propelled vehicle, including bicycles, scooters, wagons, push-mobiles and all other vehicles carrying persons, shall be subject to the direction of City Police Officers on all parking lots and private ways.

Section 347.060 Improper Conduct.

[CC 1996 §347.060; CC 1981 §350.060; Ord. No. 450 §9, 12-5-1977]
No person or persons shall use any parking lot or private way for any indecent or immoral purpose. Improper conduct of all kinds is expressly prohibited, either inside or outside of a vehicle.

Section 347.070 Loud or Unnecessary Noise.

[CC 1996 §347.070; CC 1981 §350.070; Ord. No. 450 §9, 12-5-1977]
Loud, boisterous or unnecessary noise is prohibited on any parking lot or private way within the City.

Section 347.080 Loitering.

[CC 1996 §347.080; CC 1981 §350.080; Ord. No. 450 §9, 12-5-1977]
Loitering, at all times, is prohibited on any parking lot or private way within the City. Refusal of any person or persons to disperse or vacate such occupied place, when requested by any Police Officer, shall constitute a violation of this Chapter and subject the person to arrest.