City of Breckenridge Hills, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 600.010 Definitions.

Section 600.020 Violation And Penalty.

Section 600.030 Public Nuisance.

Section 600.040 Presumption.

Article II Licenses

Section 600.050 License Required, Caterers Exempt.

Section 600.060 Application; Contents.

Section 600.070 Premises Restrictions.

Section 600.080 Standards For Approval Of License, Generally.

Section 600.090 Investigation Required; Council Determination; Renewals.

Section 600.100 Licenses, Times Of Sale, And Fees.

Section 600.110 Period Of License.

Section 600.120 Licenses Not Transferable, Exceptions.

Section 600.130 Posting.

Article III General Licensee Regulations

Section 600.140 Sales To Drunkards, Intoxicated Persons.

Section 600.150 Consumption And Possession Prohibited, When.

Section 600.160 Package Restrictions.

Section 600.170 Times Of Sale Restricted, Closed Place.

Section 600.180 Pharmacist May Sell And Physician May Prescribe Liquor.

Section 600.190 Certain Acts Prohibited In Premises Licensed To Sell Intoxicating Liquor At Retail.

Article IV Regulations Pertaining To Minors

Section 600.200 Sales To Minors.

Section 600.210 Purchase Or Possession By Minors.

Section 600.220 Misrepresentation Of Age By Minor.

Section 600.230 Reproduction Or Alteration Of Identification Card.

Section 600.240 Assisting Minor In Falsification Of Age.

Section 600.250 Manufacturing False Identification.

Section 600.260 Minors Working In Establishments.

Article V License Discipline

Section 600.270 Suspension Or Revocation.

Section 600.280 Hearing For Suspension Or Revocation Of Licenses.

Section 600.290 Enforcement Of Chapter.