City of Breckenridge Hills, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 405.010 Purpose.

Section 405.020 Definitions.

Section 405.030 Classification of Districts.

Section 405.040 Zoning Map.

Section 405.050 Interpretation and Extension of District Boundaries.

Section 405.060 Application of District Regulations.

Section 405.070 Filing of Names of Tenants of Rental Property.

Section 405.080 through Section 405.170. (Reserved)

Article II Zoning Districts

Section 405.180 "PS" Park and Scenic District Regulations.

Section 405.190 "R-1", "R-2" and "R-3" Residence District Regulations.

Section 405.200 "R-4" Residence District Regulations.

Section 405.210 "C-1" Neighborhood Commercial District Regulations.

Section 405.220 "C-2" Shopping and Service Commercial District.

Section 405.230 "C-3" Cluster Shopping and Service District Regulations.

Section 405.240 "C-4" Highway and Extensive Sales and Service Commercial District Regulations.

Section 405.250 "M-1" Manufacturing District Regulations.

Section 405.260 "DAR" Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation District and Regulations.

Section 405.270 through Section 405.360. (Reserved)

Article III Supplementary Zoning Requirements

Section 405.370 General Regulations.

Section 405.380 Zoning Performance Standard Regulations.

Section 405.390 Supplementary Off-Street Parking Requirements.

Section 405.400 Non-Conforming Uses, Land and Structures.

Section 405.410 Permitted Uses — Processing Procedure.

Section 405.420 Additional Use Permits, Planned Development Permits and Zoning Changes — Processing Procedures.

Section 405.430 Construction and Occupancy Permits.

Section 405.440 General Off-Street Parking Restrictions for Automobiles, Trucks, Recreational Equipment in Areas Zoned Residential.

Section 405.450 Limits on Number of Vehicles on Residential Property.

Section 405.460 Communications Antennae and Support Structures.

Section 405.470 through Section 405.560. (Reserved)

Article IV Miscellaneous Regulations

Section 405.570 Accessory and Temporary Structures Prior to Main Building.

Section 405.580 Required Yard Space Measured From Street Line.

Section 405.590 Litter.

Section 405.600 Temporary Amusement Activity Permit.

Section 405.610 Required Yards Shall Be Open to the Sky — Exceptions.

Section 405.620 Copies of Ordinances, Permits, Etc., for Use Recorded — When.

Section 405.630 Developments Not to Interfere With Air Navigation Space.

Section 405.640 Signs and Light Standards in or Over Street Right-of-Way.

Section 405.650 Increase in Height of Structures — Set Back From Building Lines.

Section 405.660 Political Signs.

Section 405.670 Planned Development Permit.

Section 405.680 No Reductions of Size or Area Below Minimum Requirements.

Section 405.690 Lots With Double Frontage May Waive Rear Yard Requirements — When.

Section 405.700 Location of Accessory Buildings.

Section 405.710 through Section 405.800. (Reserved)

Article V Enforcement, Violation and Penalty

Section 405.810 Enforcement by Building Commissioner and Inspectors.

Section 405.820 Building Commissioner's Power and Duties for Enforcement.

Section 405.830 Construction, Alteration, Occupation Prohibited Until Commissioner Authorizes Proper Permit.

Section 405.840 Right of Entry — Inspections, Examinations and Surveys.

Section 405.850 Violations — Cessation of Work — Penalties.