City of Breckenridge Hills, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor’s Note: For provisions regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages at drive-throughs, see Section 600.155, Purchasing Alcohol at Drive-Through Unlawful.
Article I Merchants' Licenses

Section 605.010 Definitions.

Section 605.020 License Required.

Section 605.025 Persons Not to Be Charged for Business License.

Section 605.030 Statement of Gross Sales to Be Furnished.

Section 605.040 Determination of License Fee.

Section 605.050 Display of License.

Section 605.060 Copies of Missouri Sales Tax Return to Be Filed With City.

Section 605.070 Payment of Other Obligations to City Required.

Section 605.080 False Application.

Section 605.090 Revocation of License.

Section 605.100 License Revocation Procedure.

Section 605.110 Delinquency in Filing Statement or Application of License.

Section 605.120 Delinquent Fees.

Section 605.130 Records Available to City.

Section 605.140 Expiration Date for All Licenses.

Section 605.150 License Not Transferable.

Section 605.160 Special Permits.

Section 605.170 Evidence of Workers' Compensation Insurance Prior to License Issuance.

Section 605.180 Penalty.

Article II Vehicles for Hire

Section 605.190 License Required.

Section 605.200 License Application.

Section 605.210 Metered Fare Vehicles.

Section 605.220 Violation.

Article III Used Car Sales

Section 605.230 Permit Required.

Section 605.240 Application — Plans, Drawings, Etc., to Be Included — Requirements.

Section 605.250 Parking or Storing Visibly Damaged Vehicles — Unlawful.

Section 605.260 Compliance With Regulatory Laws Prior to Issuance of Permit.

Section 605.270 Merchant's License or Business License Required.

Article IV Plumbers, Electricians, Pipefitters, Drainlayers, Mechanical Contractors and Other Tradesmen Doing Business Within City

Section 605.280 License Required.

Section 605.290 License Application.

Section 605.300 Bond Requirements.

Section 605.310 Minimum Standards.

Section 605.320 Violation.

Article V Miscellaneous Business Regulations

Section 605.330 Building Permits for Businesses Causing Odors, Dust, Noise, Etc.

Section 605.340 Regulations, Licensing and Penalties for Persons Conducting Garage Sales.

Section 605.350 Storage Parks.

Article VI Residential Rental Real Estate

Section 605.355 Definitions.

Section 605.360 Residential Rental License; Exemptions.

Section 605.365 License Application, Amendment, Exemption Declaration.

Section 605.370 Fee.

Section 605.375 Occupancy Prohibited.

Section 605.380 Rules.

Section 605.385 Suspension and Revocation.

Section 605.390 Enforcement.

Section 605.395 Violations and Penalties.

Section 605.400 When Effective; Interpretation.