City of Breckenridge Hills, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 120.010 Introduction.

Section 120.020 Definitions.

Article II Administration of Rules and Regulations

Section 120.030 Responsibility.

Section 120.040 Departmental Rules and Regulations.

Section 120.050 Applicability.

Section 120.060 Management Rights and Responsibilities.

Section 120.065 Interference Prohibited.

Section 120.070 Administrative Rules and Regulations.

Article III Job Classification Plan

Section 120.080 Job Classification by Positions.

Section 120.090 Job Descriptions.

Section 120.100 Development of New Classifications.

Section 120.110 Maintenance of the Plan.

Article IV Pay Plan

Section 120.120 Establishment of Plan.

Section 120.130 Administration of Plan.

Section 120.140 Base Rate of Compensation.

Section 120.150 Performance Review.

Article V Overtime Provisions

Section 120.160 Applicability.

Section 120.170 Compensatory Time Off.

Article VI Qualifications for Employment

Section 120.180 Equal Opportunity.

Section 120.190 Nepotism.

Section 120.200 Employment Eligibility Verification.

Article VII Appointments and Vacancies — General Provisions

Section 120.210 Filling of Positions.

Section 120.220 Emergency Appointments.

Section 120.230 Publicity.

Section 120.240 Applicant Screening Process.

Section 120.250 Rehire Former Employees.

Section 120.260 Laid Off/Recalled Employees.

Section 120.270 Part-Time/Temporary Positions.

Section 120.280 General Examination Provisions.

Section 120.290 Probationary Period.

Section 120.300 Termination During Probation.

Article VIII Separation From Employment

Section 120.310 Termination Date.

Section 120.320 Resignation.

Section 120.330 Disability.

Section 120.340 Termination.

Section 120.350 Return of City Property.

Section 120.360 Layoff/Reduction of Work.

Section 120.370 Order of Layoff and Recall.

Section 120.380 Death.

Article IX Counseling and Discipline — Employees

Section 120.390 Purpose and Intent.

Section 120.400 Communication of Rules.

Section 120.410 Progressive Counseling and Disciplinary Steps.

Section 120.420 Written Reprimands/First Offense.

Section 120.430 Cause for Suspension or Termination.

Section 120.440 Investigation and Report.

Article X Appeal Procedures — Employee

Section 120.450 Appeal of Written Reprimand.

Section 120.460 Appeal of Disciplinary Action Involving Suspension or Termination.

Article XI Fringe Benefits

Section 120.470 Eligibility for Benefits.

Section 120.480 Description.

Section 120.490 Group Medical and Dental Insurance.

Section 120.500 Life Insurance and Disability Insurance.

Section 120.510 Professional Dues.

Section 120.520 Uniforms and Clothing Maintenance.

Section 120.530 Holidays.

Section 120.540 Vacation.

Section 120.550 Sick Leave.

Section 120.560 Occupation Injury or Illness.

Section 120.570 Bereavement Pay.

Section 120.580 Leave of Absence Without Pay.

Section 120.590 Absence Without Leave.

Section 120.600 Military Enlistment Leave of Absence.

Section 120.610 Military Reserve Leave of Absence.

Section 120.620 Voting Time.

Section 120.630 Administrative Leave.

Section 120.640 Jury Leave.

Section 120.650 Procedure for Requesting Leave.

Section 120.660 Deferred Compensation.

Section 120.670 Credit Union.

Section 120.680 Social Security.

Article XII Employee Relations and Miscellaneous Policies

Section 120.690 Employee Suggestions.

Section 120.700 Hours of Work.

Section 120.710 Employee Appearance.

Section 120.720 Outside Employment.

Section 120.730 Travel Expenses.

Section 120.740 Political Activity.

Section 120.750 Temporary Fill in at a Higher Classification.

Section 120.760 Community Relations.

Section 120.770 Employee Safety.

Section 120.780 Personnel Records.

Section 120.790 Car Allowance.

Section 120.800 Emergency Management.

Section 120.810 Driver's License Requirements.

Section 120.820 Sexual Harassment.

Article XIII Drugs and Alcohol Policies and Procedures

Section 120.830 Purpose.

Section 120.840 Definitions.

Section 120.850 Alcoholic Beverages.

Section 120.860 Prescription Drugs.

Section 120.870 Illegal Drugs.

Section 120.880 Substances Screened.

Section 120.890 Pre-Employment Testing.

Section 120.900 Current Employee Testing.

Section 120.910 Consent.

Section 120.920 Refusal to Consent.

Section 120.930 Confirmation of Test Results.

Section 120.940 Consequences of a Confirmed Positive Test Result.

Section 120.950 The Right to a Hearing.

Section 120.960 Confidentiality of Test Results.

Section 120.970 Self-Referral for Drug and Alcohol Treatment.

Section 120.980 Laboratory Testing Requirements.

Section 120.990 Expectation of Privacy.

Article XIV Repeal and Amendment

Section 120.995 Amendments and Repeal.