City of Taunton, MA
Bristol County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Municipal Council of the City of Taunton as Rev. Ords. 1964, §§ 2-21 to 2-23 (Ch. 2, Art. II, of the 2010 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Municipal Council Rules and Orders — See Ch. A501.
[Added 11-30-1982]
Whenever a hearing before the Municipal Council has been scheduled and a party to such hearing intends to request a postponement of the same, the party seeking such postponement shall, at his cost, immediately notify all parties in interest, including, in appropriate cases, abutters, and shall when requesting such postponement present written evidence of said notice. The Municipal Council, in determining whether or not to grant such postponement, shall take into consideration the inconvenience to abutters and other parties in interest, whether or not said other parties and abutters were notified in advance, as well as other matters of fairness and due process. Compliance with the notice requirements of this section shall not entitle anyone to a continuance, nor shall the failure of compliance with this section preclude the Council in its discretion from granting a continuance if the Council finds that the request is reasonable.
Duties generally. The Committee on Public Property shall have the care and supervision of all schoolhouses, public buildings and other property of the City, and of the erection, alteration and repair thereof, except as otherwise provided, and subject to such rules, orders and regulations as the Municipal Council shall adopt. The amount of expenditures for the foregoing purposes in any one year shall not exceed the appropriations made therefor by the Municipal Council, and no expenditure in excess of the appropriation shall be made in reference thereto unless the same is considered in Committee and agreed to by a major part thereof, excepting in case of emergency when necessary repairs may be made by the Superintendent of Public Buildings, who shall forthwith report to the Committee the nature and extent of such repairs with such other information as the Committee may require.
[Amended 5-23-2000]
Records; schedule of property. The Committee on Public Property shall cause to be kept in a book furnished by the City complete records of its doings. This book shall also contain a schedule of the several parcels of real property in charge of the Committee with a brief description thereof and of all leasehold interest of the City, if any.
Permitting use of City buildings. The Committee on Public Property may permit the use of the City buildings whenever the same does not interfere with their public uses, but no such use of any schoolhouses shall be permitted without the consent of the School Committee.
[Added 2-18-1986]
Other than as may otherwise be mandated for by general laws of the commonwealth, no real estate owned by or in which the City of Taunton claims an interest may be sold, conveyed, gifted, disposed of, leased or otherwise encumbered without approval of the Municipal Council after recommendation of the Council's Public Property Committee and the Mayor.[1]
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 118, Property, Disposal of.
All properties leased or rented by the City of Taunton or any of its agencies, departments, commissions, boards, and committees shall be accessible to the handicapped and shall comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.