Town of Arbor Vitae, WI
Vilas County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Arbor Vitae 3-12-1986. Amendments noted where applicable.]
A minimum of one monitoring well to be site located by the Health Inspector for efficiency and effectiveness. If necessary more than one well may be required. The water shall be tested for total Kejdehal Nitrogen (TKN), Nitrate-Nitrogen N-N03 and Fecal Choloform which shall be exceed 10 parts per 100 milliliters.
The site shall be inspected for non-biodegradable waste evidence of puddling, general condition and the water tested three times per year.
After Town weight limits have been removed but before use of the site in the spring.
First week of August.
Within a week after the frost closes the site for the winter. More inspection maybe required by the Town Board and/or inspector. The spring inspection shall be a formal inspection, with both the permit holder and the inspector present.
A minimum of five feet to groundwater at the dumping site.
All dumping to be eliminated in the fall when frost in the ground prevents percolations and dumping not to resume until after weight limits on Town roads are removed in the spring.
Upon Health Inspection recommendation and Town Board approval, screening of waste may be required to remove all non-biogradeable waste for proper disposal.
If a waste disposal site becomes sealed against natural percolation, knifing, disking, or plowing will be required as determined by the inspector.
The waste disposal sites will be exactly defined on the permit, including a diagram or map of the area.
All active sites are to be marked by corner post of sufficient height to be easily seen and stakes made of a material as to withstand normal wear and tear. If a stake is lost, it must be replaced as soon as possible.
No industrial waste to be spread without a special permit from the Town Board for each load to be dumped.
No holding tank loads will be spread on the waste dumping grounds.
The permit holder will be responsible for the cleanup and all cost of clean-up if a site becomes contaminated with industrial waste or any other hazardous waste.
There will be no spillage, accidental or otherwise of waste out of the designated site area or on Town roads or right-of-way.
The permitted premises can be used by the permit applicant holder only and can in no way be sub-leased to haulers or persons for the permit indicated use.
The inspector for the wastewater disposal sites shall have the following qualifications: field experience, Master Plumber license and or soil tester license and have attended an updating refresher course within the last 12 months.
A copy of the inspection forms and water test results will be kept in permit holder's file on record in the Town Office.
Any violation of this chapter could result in loss of wastewater dumping permit or permits.