Township of Middle, NJ
Cape May County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Nonpermitted use of stormwater sewers. There shall be no dumping, spilling or disposal of any substance or material, other than stormwater, into the municipal separate storm sewer systems. This includes materials such as any automotive fluids, petroleum products, paints and solvents that may have a direct impact on the receiving water body.
Permitted use of stormwater sewers. The following nonstormwater discharges are permitted to be discarded into stormwater sewers:
Waterline flushing and discharges from potable water sources.
Uncontaminated groundwater (e.g., infiltration, crawl spaces or basements sump pumps, foundation or footing drains, rising groundwaters.)
Air-conditioning condensate (excluding contact and noncontact cooling water).
Irrigation water (including landscape and lawn watering runoff).
Flow from springs, riparian habitats and wetlands, water reservoir discharges and diverted stream flows.
Residential car washing water and residential swimming pool discharges.
Sidewalk, driveway and street wash water.
Rinsing equipment.
Flows from rinsing of the following equipment with clean water:
Beach maintenance equipment immediately following their use for their intended purposes.
Equipment used in the application of salt and de-icing materials immediately following application thereof. Prior to rinsing with clean water, residual salt and de-icing material must be removed from the equipment and vehicles to the maximum extent practicable using dry cleaning methods (e.g., shoveling and sweeping). Recovered materials are to be returned to storage for reuse or properly discarded.
Rinsing of equipment in the above situation is limited to exterior, undercarriage and exposed parts and does not apply to engines or other enclosed machinery.