Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 8-14-1984 by Ord. No. 84:48]
Within the districts established by this chapter or amendments thereto, there exist principal uses to which private heliports constitute customary and incidental accessory uses. It is the intent of this article to delineate such zone districts in which private heliports are permitted accessory uses and to establish that such uses are conditional uses subject to compliance with the requirements set forth herein. This article also sets forth procedures for obtaining the certificate of approval from the Township Council required for the licensing of such facilities pursuant to N.J.A.C. 16:54-1.4(a)5.
Private restricted use helistops shall be treated as conditional accessory uses in the following zone districts: ROL Research, Office and Laboratory District; SED-10; and SED-5.
Private restricted use helistops shall be permitted as a conditional accessory use, subject to the following:
Siting distances.
The site location must be no less than five nautical miles from any operational public airport, facilitated to fuel, service and maintain helicopters.
The site location must be no less than one nautical mile from any school, place of worship, hospital, senior citizen complex or library.
The site location must be greater than one nautical mile from any and all heliport/helistop sites.
Only one site shall be permitted per lot.
Area and bulk requirements.
Notwithstanding zone district minimum lot areas, any tract upon which a heliport/helistop is proposed shall contain a minimum of 20 acres of such larger areas required to comply with setback requirements.
Minimum setbacks on landing pads from all property lines shall be 500 feet.
The site center shall be at least 350 feet from any buildings or permanent structures.
The minimum distance to any residential property line shall be 2,500 feet.
The heliport/helistop shall be located on the same lot as the principal use.
Any use of a heliport/helistop for purposes which are not incidental to the principal use of the lot is prohibited. The operation of a commercial helicopter facility is expressly prohibited.
All heliports/helistops shall be ground-level sites. Rooftop sites are prohibited.
Fuel storage, fuel transfer, hanger and repair facilities are prohibited. Adequate tie-down facilities shall be provided.
Helicopters shall not exceed a gross weight of 3,500 pounds, and the landing pad shall be identified as to load-bearing capacity.
Buffer materials exceeding the standing height of aircraft must be permanently erected to conceal aircraft from any adjoining roadways and residential areas.
Adequate safety and fire equipment, as determined by the appropriate Township agencies, shall be provided.
An attendant qualified in aircraft safety measures shall be present at each helicopter event. The site area shall be secured 15 minutes prior to the event, and the attendant shall be present until after each site event.
A public means for communication shall be provided within 150 feet of the site during periods when the attendant is present.
The heliport/helistop must comply with all state and federal requirements, including but not limited to the following Federal Aviation Regulations (F.A.R.):
F.A.R. Part 157, "Notice of Construction, Alteration, Activation and Deactivation of Airports," published 01-75.
F.A.R. Part 77, "Objects Affecting Navigable Air Space," published 01-75.
FAA Advisory Circular Number 150/5020-2, dated 12-09-1983, entitled "Noise Assessment Guidelines for New Heliports." Copies of all maps and sketches required by N.J.A.C. 16:54-1.1 et seq., certified by a New Jersey licensed engineer or surveyor, shall be supplied to the Planning Board.
Flight events shall be limited to six per day, shall be restricted to Monday through Friday during daylight hours (defined as one hour after sunrise until one hour before sunset) and are expressly prohibited on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.
Heliport/helistop operating surfaces shall be level, smooth and free of such dirt and debris as is capable of being picked up and blown about by rotor downwash.
Landing and approach corridors shall not cross residentially zoned property and shall not parallel the boundaries of such zones unless they are more than 750 feet therefrom, measured horizontally from the corridor center lines to said boundaries.
An environmental impact statement shall be submitted for all sites located in an area designated as a wetlands area.
Minimum clear zone. The area immediately surrounding the landing and take off site must be free of all moving or stationary vehicles which contain volatile fuels (gasoline or diesel) for a distance of no less than 100 feet from the pad center.
Any person seeking to construct, demolish, modify or transfer a heliport/helistop facility shall, prior to applying to the State of New Jersey, apply to the Township for certificate of approval, utilizing forms provided for this purpose in the office of the Township Clerk. The Township Council shall act upon such application following a public hearing after the application is complete. The application shall be deemed complete when the following are received:
A report from the Township Planning Board indicating that the site meets the requirements for an accessory conditional use.
A report from the Township Fire Department indicating that adequate measures for fuel spillage and fire protection are available at the site.
Copies of notices, sent certified mail, return receipt requested, to all property owners within 200 feet of the lot on which the facility is proposed.
Certified copy of notice published at least once in the official newspaper of the Township not less than seven days nor more than 14 days prior to the hearing, indicating the date, time and purpose of the public hearing.
If the application is approved, the Township shall forward a certificate of compliance with local zoning requirements to the Division of Aeronautics.