Town of Brookfield, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by Town Meeting of the Town of Brookfield as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Beaches — See Ch. 89.
[Adopted 6-30-1993[1]]
Editor's Note: This ordinance also repealed former Art. I, Lake Lillinonah Authority, adopted by Town Meeting 11-24-1969. See also § 38-2.4.
Pursuant to the powers granted by Section 7-151a of the Connecticut General Statutes, Revision of 1989, as amended, the Lake Lillinonah Authority is hereby established. Said Authority shall be comprised of the Town of Brookfield and such other towns having Lake Lillinonah within their territorial limits as may adopt the provisions of said statute and shall exercise all powers authorized under the statutes of this state for lake authorities.
Said Authority shall be composed of three delegates from each member town who shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen, or governing body, of each town, one for a term of one year, one for a term of two years and one for a term of three years. All subsequent appointments shall be for terms of three years.
Said Authority shall have the power to:
Act as agent for the member towns in cooperating with the Commissioner of Environmental Protection in the enforcement of the boating laws on such water.
Control and abate algae and aquatic weeds in cooperation with the Commissioner of Environmental Protection.
Study water management, including but not limited to water depth and circulation, and make recommendations for action to its member towns.
Act as agent for member towns with respect to filing applications for grants and reimbursements with the Department of Environmental Protection and other state agencies in connection with state and federal programs.
Act as agent for member towns with respect to receiving gifts for any of its purposes.
Said Authority shall receive from each member town their prorated share of the expenses of the Authority based upon the annual budget of the Authority divided by 11. Roxbury shall pay 1/11 and each of the other member towns shall pay 2/11, thus enabling the other five member towns to pay an equal share and Roxbury to pay 1/2 of an equal share.
The annual budget, prepared by the Authority, shall be submitted to each of the member towns for approval. In the event that different amounts are approved by the member towns, an average of the three highest amounts approved shall be used to determine the final budget.
The annual budget will be accompanied by an independent auditor's report of the past year's expenditures.
This article shall become effective only upon its passage and publication as required by law and upon adoption of substantially similar ordinances by the Towns of Bridgewater, New Milford, Newtown, Roxbury and Southbury.
The Lake Lillinonah Authority Ordinance adopted by the Town of Brookfield on November 24, 1969,[1] is hereby repealed as of the effective date of this article. However, members of the Lake Lillinonah Authority appointed pursuant to the provisions of said repealed ordinance shall continue to serve the balance of the terms for which they were appointed.
Editor's Note: Said ordinance comprised former Art. I, Lake Lillinonah Authority, of this chapter.
[Adopted 11-30-1971]
The Town of Brookfield, acting in concert with any other town or towns having a portion of Lake Candlewood within their territorial limits, hereby establishes a Lake Authority for said lake to be known as the "Lake Candlewood Lake Authority."
Said Authority shall be composed of three delegates from each member town, for terms of three years, all of which such terms shall be commenced upon the date when the first such delegate is appointed, except that the initial appointments shall be for terms of one, two and three years, respectively.
[Amended 8-27-1984[1]]
The delegates from Brookfield, each of whom must be resident electors, shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Brookfield. Delegates shall serve without compensation; provided, however, that delegates may receive reimbursement for administrative expenses incurred in the performance of their duties upon approval by a majority vote of the Candlewood Lake Authority.
Editor's Note: This ordinance also provided that it shall take effect 21 days after publication following its passage and after it has been adopted by all other Candlewood Lake Authority member municipalities.
[Amended 8-27-1984; 1-8-2007]
The Candlewood Lake Authority shall possess and may exercise all powers granted by the Connecticut General Statutes for lake authorities, including, without limitation, powers relating to the enforcement of boating laws on said lake and such other powers as from time to time may be granted to said Authority by the legislative bodies of all member Towns and by the General Statutes.
The Candlewood Lake Authority shall establish a water quality management program, whose objective shall be to study the improvement and maintenance of the water quality of Lake Candlewood and to make recommendations for action to its member municipalities.
The Candlewood Lake Authority may:
Assist the Town with lake, shoreline and watershed management to preserve and enhance the recreational, economic, scenic, public safety and environmental values; and
Provide environmental support for Candlewood Lake by undertaking and coordinating educational initiatives on lake and watershed protection.
Each member municipality shall pay to the Candlewood Lake Authority (hereinafter the "CLA") its respective share of the expenses of the CLA. Shares shall be established by an equal division of the budget among the member municipalities. The annual budget of the CLA shall be established by first averaging the appropriations of the three member municipalities whose CLA appropriations are closest to the municipal share proposed by the CLA to its member municipalities and then by multiplying said appropriation by the number of member municipalities.