City of Meriden, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Council of the City of Meriden 7-5-1977; approved at referendum 11-8-1977. Amendments noted where applicable.]
CHAPTER I Incorporation and General Powers

§ C1-1 General provisions.

§ C1-2 Rights and obligations.

§ C1-3 General grant of powers.

CHAPTER II Elections

§ C2-1 General.

§ C2-2 Minority representation.

§ C2-3 (Reserved)

§ C2-4 Breaking a tie.

§ C2-5 Vacancies.

§ C2-6 Eligibility.

§ C2-7 (Reserved)

CHAPTER III City Council

§ C3-1 General powers and duties.

§ C3-2 Composition and election.

§ C3-2a Initiative.

§ C3-3 Special powers.


§ C4-1 Election, term and compensation.

§ C4-2 Duties.

CHAPTER V The Manager

§ C5-1 Appointment, qualification and tenure.

§ C5-2 Powers and duties.

§ C5-3 Appointments.

§ C5-4 Acting Manager.

§ C5-5 Compensation.

§ C5-6 Suspension and removal.

CHAPTER VI Board of Education

§ C6-1 Elective transition.

§ C6-2 Rights and duties.

CHAPTER VII Boards, Commissions and Departments

§ C7-1 Public Utilities Commission.

§ C7-2 Existing or proposed boards, commissions or departments.

§ C7-3 Department of Law.

§ C7-4 Police Department.

§ C7-5 Fire Department.

§ C7-6 City Clerk.

§ C7-7 Board of Assessment Appeals.

§ C7-8 Board of Ethics; conflicts of interest.

§ C7-9 Additional compensation.

§ C7-10 Removal of board and commission members.

§ C7-11 Uniform term of office.

CHAPTER VIII Department of Finance

§ C8-1 Department of Finance; Director; Purchasing Agent, bidding procedure.

§ C8-2 General form of budget presentation.

§ C8-3 Departmental estimates.

§ C8-4 Duties of the Director of Finance.

§ C8-5 Duties of the City Council and Mayor on the budget.

§ C8-5a (Reserved)

§ C8-6 Budget referendum.

§ C8-7 Establishment of tax rate and tax districts.

§ C8-8 Line item changes to the budget.

§ C8-9 Tax bills.

§ C8-10 Assessment and collection of taxes.

§ C8-11 Expenditures and accounting.

§ C8-12 Fiscal year.

§ C8-13 Borrowing.

§ C8-14 Books, accounts, etc., to be open for inspection.

§ C8-15 Books, records, equipment, materials, etc., to be City property.

§ C8-16 Tax Collector and Tax Assessor.

§ C8-17 City Treasurer.

§ C8-18 Project referendum.

CHAPTER IX Personnel Department

§ C9-1 Personnel Department.

§ C9-2 Director of Personnel.

§ C9-3 Classification.

§ C9-4 Compensation system.

§ C9-5 (Reserved)

§ C9-6 Municipal pension plan.

CHAPTER X The World War II Veterans' Memorial Hospital, Bradley Trust and Maloney Scholarship

§ C10-1 (Reserved)

§ C10-2 Clarence P. Bradley Trust.

§ C10-3 Francis T. Maloney Scholarship.

CHAPTER XI Transfer of Powers

§ C11-1 Transfer of powers.

§ C11-2 Present employees to retain positions.

§ C11-3 Transfer of records and property.

§ C11-4 Legal proceedings.

§ C11-5 Existing laws and ordinances.

§ C11-6 Amendment of Charter.

§ C11-7 Saving clause.

§ C11-8 Designation of gender.

§ C11-9 Effective date.