City of Meriden, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Council of the City of Meriden 10-7-1963 as Ch. 2, Art. III, Div. 1 of the 1963 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Administration of government — See Ch. 3.
Funds — See Ch. 25.
Property acquisition and disposal — See Ch. 41.
Taxation — See Ch. 187.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
Every claim, demand, bill, charge and account against the City shall first be presented to the committee of the Council to which such claim, demand, bill, charge or account is chargeable and, after having been approved in writing by a majority of such committee, shall be delivered by it to the City Manager on the Thursday before the first Monday of the month; provided, however, that such procedure shall not apply to the following:
Such claims, demands and charges as properly belong to the departments managed and controlled by particular City boards.
Special appropriations made by the Council.
Claims for injuries and damages referred to and reported upon by the Committee of Claims.
Interest upon bonded or temporary loans.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
The City Manager shall examine all bills presented to him and, after approving them, shall make a report and submit such bills so approved and such report to the appropriate committee of the Council on the Friday before the first Monday of the month.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
Except as provided in § 13-1, the appropriate committee of the Council shall report to the Council on the first Monday of each month all bills presented to it for its approval, together with the action taken by it thereon, and such other facts with reference to such bills as it shall deem important. The Town and City Clerk shall return all bills approved for payment by the Council to the City Manager.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
If the Council orders the payments of any claim or demand reported upon by its committees, or makes an appropriation for a special purpose without a report thereof from a committee, the City Manager shall at once make return thereof to the appropriate committee and shall also make return of all orders drawn by him on the Treasurer in favor of the appropriate person. The appropriate committee shall keep a separate and correct account of all such special items and shall include them in its annual report to the Council.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
The City Manager shall draw his order for any bill payable by the City on the Treasurer in such manner as to show from what appropriation or fund such order is payable.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
No money, except for the payment of bonds and notes payable at banks or interest upon the City's indebtedness, shall be paid by the Treasurer unless he first receives therefor an order from the Finance Director which has been prepared as provided in this chapter.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
When any City officer or other person duly authorized by the City performs any work or furnishes any materials the expense or cost of which is chargeable to a person other than the City, such officer or authorized person shall render a written account thereof to the Finance Director who shall report the same to the Council for its action and shall, unless otherwise ordered by the Council, charge the same on the City's books to the person properly chargeable.
Every person receiving money for the City from any source shall pay the same over to the Treasurer on or before the first Monday of the month following its receipt and shall file with the Treasurer at the same time a written statement showing the source from which such money was derived.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
The Treasurer shall, on or before the 10th day of each month, report in writing to the City Manager all moneys paid to him during the previous month, stating in detail by whom paid and from what source derived.
[Amended 9-15-1980]
Whenever a warrant for the collection of any tax is delivered to the Tax Collector, the City Manager shall charge to the Collector the amount of such tax and shall charge him from month to month with the legal additions thereto and with all charges and expenses for liens whenever the same shall be placed upon any property on account of such tax and shall credit him with all payments made to the Treasurer on account of such tax and all authorized abatements thereof.
Whenever a warrant for the collection of an assessment of benefits is delivered to the Tax Collector or any bill for work done or materials furnished by the City is placed in his hands for collection, the amount thereof shall be charged to such officer as taxes are charged, and also the interest thereon as it falls due and the charges for liens whenever the same shall be filed in connection with such assessments or bills, and the Collector shall likewise be credited with all payments made to the Treasurer on account of such assessments and bills and with any abatements thereof.
The Tax Collector shall keep books in which a separate account of each tax and assessment delivered to him for collection shall be entered. Such accounts shall show the date and amount of all collections thereon and from whom collected, the date and amount of all payments made to the Treasurer and the additions to taxes or assessments and interest thereon collected. Such books shall be balanced each month, and each monthly balance shall show the amount of such tax or assessment remaining uncollected at the time of such balance. The Collector shall also, when any tax or assessment is paid to him, immediately enter upon his rate book or list of assessments against the name of the person whose tax or assessment is so paid the date and amount of such payment in such manner as to show any discount allowed or addition or interest paid thereon.