City of Cortland, NY
Cortland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Common Council of the City of Cortland 11-2-1976 by referendum.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Administration of government — See Ch. 5.
Voting procedure of boards and commissions — See Ch. 10, Art. I.
Defense and indemnification of officers and employees — See Ch. 17.
Ordinance adoption procedure — See Ch. 31.
Municipal Seal — See Ch. 44.
Editor's Note: Local Law No. 1-2006, adopted 12-19-2006, amended the Charter to repeal provisions relative to the collection of property taxes and enforcement, except for taxes which were liens prior to 1-1-2007, which shall be collected pursuant to provisions of the City Charter for one year subsequent to 1-1-2007.
Article I General Provisions

§ C1-1 Short title.

§ C1-2 Purpose.

§ C1-3 Continued status, powers and duties.

§ C1-4 Effect on state law.

§ C1-5 Existing local legislation continued.

§ C1-6 Boundaries.

§ C1-7 Seal.

§ C1-8 Definitions; word usage.

Article II Officers and Elections

§ C2-1 Elected officials; terms.

§ C2-2 Appointed officials; terms.

§ C2-3 City elections.

§ C2-4 Certificate of appointment.

§ C2-5 Official oath; bonds.

§ C2-6 Resignations.

§ C2-7 Suspension and removal.

§ C2-8 Vacancies; forfeiture of office; filling of vacancies.

§ C2-9 Holding multiple offices prohibited.

§ C2-10 Residency requirements.

Article III Common Council

§ C3-1 Governing body; membership; presiding officer.

§ C3-2 Qualifications of Aldermen.

§ C3-3 Terms of Aldermen.

§ C3-4 Ward boundaries.

§ C3-5 Reapportionment.

§ C3-6 Compensation.

§ C3-7 Meetings.

§ C3-8 Rules and procedures.

§ C3-9 Powers and duties.

§ C3-10 Legislative acts; procedures.

§ C3-11 Mayoral approval or veto.

§ C3-12 Journal of proceedings.

§ C3-13 Official newspaper.

Article IV Mayor

§ C4-1 Term; qualifications.

§ C4-2 Compensation.

§ C4-3 Powers and duties.

§ C4-4 Acting Mayor.

Article V City Judge

§ C5-1 Term; qualifications.

§ C5-2 Powers and duties.

§ C5-3 Acting Judge.

Article VI Department of Administration and Finance

§ C6-1 Establishment; Director; qualifications.

§ C6-2 Powers and duties.

Article VII City Assessor; Code Enforcement

§ C7-1 Appointment of Assessor; qualifications.

§ C7-2 Powers and duties of Assessor.

§ C7-3 Board of Assessment Review.

§ C7-4 Code enforcement.

Article VIII City Clerk

§ C8-1 Appointment.

§ C8-2 Powers and duties.

Article IX Department of Law

§ C9-1 Establishment; Corporation Counsel; qualifications.

§ C9-2 Powers and duties.

Article X Planning Commission

§ C10-1 Establishment; membership; election of Chairman.

§ C10-2 Powers and duties.

Article XI Department of Public Works

§ C11-1 Establishment; Superintendent; qualifications.

§ C11-2 Powers and duties of Superintendent.

§ C11-3 Board of Public Works; membership; terms; Chairman.

§ C11-4 Powers and duties of Board of Public Works.

Article XII Police Department

§ C12-1 Establishment; Chief; qualifications.

§ C12-2 Powers and duties of Chief.

§ C12-3 Police Commission; membership; appointment; term; compensation.

§ C12-4 Powers and duties of Police Commission.

§ C12-5 Department qualifications.

Article XIII Fire Department

§ C13-1 Establishment; Chief; qualifications.

§ C13-2 Powers and duties of Chief.

§ C13-3 Fire Commission; membership; appointment; term.

§ C13-4 Powers and duties of Fire Commission.

Article XIV Youth Bureau

§ C14-1 Establishment; Director; qualifications.

§ C14-2 Powers and duties of Director.

§ C14-3 Youth Bureau Commission; membership; appointment; term; compensation; Chairman.

§ C14-4 Powers and duties of Youth Bureau Commission.

Article XV (Reserved)

§ C15-1 through § C15-4. (Reserved)

Article XVI Cable Television Commission

§ C16-1 Establishment; membership; appointment; term; Chairman.

§ C16-2 Powers and duties.

Article XVII Department of Wastewater Treatment

§ C17-1 Establishment; Superintendent of Wastewater; qualifications.

§ C17-2 Powers and duties of Superintendent of Wastewater.

§ C17-3 Wastewater Treatment Board; membership; appointment; term.

§ C17-4 Ex officio members of Wastewater Treatment Board.

§ C17-5 Powers and duties of Wastewater Treatment Board.

Article XVIII Department of Code Enforcement

§ C18-1 Establishment; Director; qualifications.

§ C18-2 Powers and duties of Director.

Article XIX (Reserved)

§ C19-1 through § C19-3. (Reserved)

Article XX Other Municipal Functions

§ C20-1 Landscape Planning and Design Commission.

§ C20-2 Constables.

§ C20-3 Contracts for services.

Article XXI Financial Procedures

§ C21-1 Fiscal year.

§ C21-2 Preparation of tentative City budget.

§ C21-3 Capital Program Committee; program; projects; budget; procedure.

§ C21-4 Estimates of revenues and proposed expenditures.

§ C21-5 City budget contents and data.

§ C21-6 Submission to Common Council.

§ C21-7 Budget as public record.

§ C21-8 Review by Common Council.

§ C21-9 Public hearing.

§ C21-10 Adoption of City budget.

§ C21-11 Failure to adopt final City budget.

§ C21-12 Certification of budget.

§ C21-13 Assessment roll; tax levy.

§ C21-14 Supplemental and emergency appropriations.

§ C21-15 Reduction of appropriations.

§ C21-16 Transfer of appropriations.

§ C21-17 Budget controls.

§ C21-18 Contingent funds.

§ C21-19 Purchasing.

§ C21-20 Limitation of expenditures.

§ C21-21 Independent audit.

§ C21-22 Local improvements assessments.

§ C21-23 (Reserved)

Article XXII Municipal Cooperation

§ C22-1 Power to contract.

Article XXIII Code of Ethics

§ C23-1 General provisions.

§ C23-2 Definitions.

§ C23-3 Standards of conduct.

§ C23-4 Claims against City.

§ C23-5 Ethics Board.

§ C23-6 Distribution of Code of Ethics.

§ C23-7 Penalties for offenses.

Article XXIV Miscellaneous Provisions

§ C24-1 Limits of liability.

§ C24-2 Designation of deputy officers.

§ C24-3 Power to administer oaths and issue subpoenas.

§ C24-4 Terms to be staggered.

Article XXV Application of Charter

§ C25-1 Amendments.

§ C25-2 Severability.

§ C25-3 Construal of provisions.

Article XXVI Transitional Provisions

§ C26-1 Civil service status continued.

§ C26-2 Office of Chamberlain abolished.

§ C26-3 Boards and commissions continued.

§ C26-4 Adoption of Charter; effective date; adoption of Administrative Code.

Article XXVII Department of Zoning

§ C27-1 Establishment; Zoning Officer.

§ C27-2 Powers and duties.