Borough of Red Bank, NJ
Monmouth County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Health of the Borough of Red Bank as Ch. BH:XI of the 1989 Borough Health Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Hazardous materials — See Ch. 390.
No person shall carry on any trade, manufacture or business within the Borough which may be noxious or offensive to the inhabitants of the Borough or any part thereof and which may be attended by noisome and injurious odors, or may otherwise be injurious to their estates, without first having obtained a permit from the Board of Health. The permit to be granted only on such terms and conditions as shall be prescribed by the Board, to which terms and conditions the applicant for the permit shall subscribe before receiving the permit. The permit shall not be transferable in case of a sale or transfer of the business, in which case a new application must be made in the name of the parties who propose to conduct the business. Said trade, manufacture or business may be, at any time, summarily abated in case of failure or neglect to comply with the terms and conditions of the permit; and any such trade, manufacture or business which may be established within the Borough without first having obtained the permit, shall be summarily abated, as provided in the Act of March 11, 1880, and such acts as may be amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto.
No person shall maintain or permit to be maintained anything which is injurious, dangerous, hazardous or detrimental to or potentially injurious, dangerous, hazardous or detrimental to human life or health, and in addition thereto, but without limitation, the following conditions, acts and sufferances are declared to be unlawful.
The deposit, accumulation, maintenance or sufferance to be deposited, accumulated or maintained, of any human excrement, garbage, wastewater, sewerage, offal, manure, tin cans, any decaying or putrescent substance or other offensive matter, in liquid or solid form, in or upon any tract, lot, street, well, stream of water, or in or upon any public or private place.
Permitting the emission, escape or overflow of any smoke, gas, soot, stench or any foul liquid, so that the same shall become or is likely to become injurious or detrimental to health and becomes a source of discomfort to persons living or passing in the vicinity thereof.
The maintenance of any toilet, privy, outhouse, cesspool, septic tank or other receptacle, or any pipe lines connecting same, for human excrement not covered or enclosed at all times, and protected from flies, insects or animals, or permitted to overflow or pollute any stream, water or place.
There shall not be exposed or displayed or offered for sale on the sidewalk or outside of the place of business any fruits, vegetables, meats and other food products unless such foods are securely protected from flies, dust and dirt, and so far as the same is possible, by the use of all reasonable means, from all other foreign and injurious contaminations.