Borough of Red Bank, NJ
Monmouth County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Health of the Borough of Red Bank as Ch. BH:XIII of the 1989 Borough Health Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Littering — See Ch. 434.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 505.
Solid waste — See Ch. 590.
Waste disposal — See Ch. 819.
Dumping prohibited. No rubbish, garbage or refuse of any kind shall be dumped in any alley, street, lot or lands within the Borough.
Ashes; yard maintenance. No ash heaps controlled by a private party shall contain anything other than clean ashes; also all yards and lots shall be kept clean from garbage and rubbish within the Borough, except such garbage and rubbish may be placed in containers as described in the Sanitary Code of the Borough.
All garbage and offal which shall accumulate anywhere in the Borough or which is stored, kept or retained therein, shall be kept in watertight receptacles. Receptacles must be kept in good repair and be tightly covered with closely fitting covers. The capacity of the receptacles shall not be less than five gallons; receptacles shall have handles. The owner of each of the garbage receptacles shall cause the same to be kept clean, and no rainwater nor any other fluid shall be allowed to enter the garbage receptacles.
Garbage, decayed or green vegetables, decayed or green fruit or refuse matter of any kind, sort or description, which shall be upon public or private property shall be placed in watertight receptacles, such receptacles to have a tight cover on top.
Emptying of contents. Every receptacle from which garbage is removed by any licensed collector shall be wholly and entirely emptied of its contents, and none of the contents shall be permitted to fall upon the ground.
[Added by Ord. No. 6/27/77]
All dumpsters or containers containing garbage, refuse, debris or other similar matter shall be placed or located at the rear of any building in all zones in the Borough except as provided for in Chapter 15, Article 3[1] for regular municipal collection. Application to locate dumpsters or containers in a different location may be made to the Borough Building Department and upon approval of the Board of Health.
Editor's Note: So in original.
No person shall collect, transport or carry or cause to be transported or carried through the streets of the Borough of Red Bank any garbage or offal, nor any decomposing, solid or fluid substance whatsoever, except in conformity with the requirements of a written permit or license therefor first received from the Board of Health.
[Amended 10-12-1989]
Requirements. All vehicles used for transporting garbage and offal shall be supplied with a box or body which is watertight, or receptacles that are watertight. The box or receptacle shall be tightly covered, and the covers shall be kept closed at all times except when garbage is being placed in the box or receptacle. The vehicle shall be kept clean. The owner, contractor or other party in charge of the vehicle shall cause them to be thoroughly washed inside and outside every day, and he shall not permit them to become offensive. No vehicle shall be allowed to stand or remain anywhere in this Borough longer than is absolutely necessary for the rapid collection of garbage.
Vehicles used for fish or shellfish. Every vehicle in which any fish or shellfish shall be transported shall be so constructed that its box or body shall be watertight, and no waste fluids shall be allowed to drip or flow from any such vehicle and fall upon the ground or upon the surface of any street. Every vehicle from which any fish or shellfish is sold or offered for sale or delivered shall be so constructed that the end and sides of its box or body shall be at least eight inches high; the rear end board shall be permanently fastened to a height of at least one inch, and the remainder of the rear end board shall be kept closed when the vehicle is in motion. Every vehicle which is used in the Borough for the sale, delivery or transportation of any fish or shellfish shall be kept clean and free from offensive odors. The owner of any vehicle mentioned in this section shall at all times keep the vehicles in a clean and wholesome condition, and no offensive smell shall be allowed to escape therefrom.
[Amended 10-12-1989]
All waste fluids, refuse, liquids and excreta shall be conveyed to a street sewer, or into an approved individual disposal system constructed according to Chapter 199, Public Laws of 1977. No person shall suffer or permit any waste or stagnant water to remain in any cellar or basement or upon any lot or vacant ground owned or occupied by him.