Town of Haddam, CT
Middlesex County
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In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where sections of the prior compilation of ordinances have been included in the 2010 Code, or the reason for exclusion.

§ DT-1
Derivation Table of prior compilation of ordinances to 2010 Code 

NCM = Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
REP = Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
NI = Not included in Code; superseded by later enactments.
NLP = New legislation pending.
Title From Prior Compilation Location in 2010 Code
Air Raids REP
Alcoholic Beverages
Hours of Sale Ch. 10, Art. I
Drinking on School Grounds REP
Restraining of Certain Animals REP
Horses on Salmon River Bridge REP
Animal Control Ch. 18, Art. I
Assessments Ch. 24, Art. I
Assessors, Board of (Termination of) REP
Itemization Ch. 39, Art. II
Presentation and Publication Ch. 39, Art. I
Bridge Commission Ch. A401, Art. V
Bridges, Reconstruction of NCM
Building Code Ch. 52, Art. II
Building Code - State NI
Building Permit (Fees) Ch. 52, Art. III
Building Permit System Ch. 52, Art. I
Fees for Processing Ch. 52, Art. IV
Burying Grounds Ch. 60, Art. I
Charter Commission NI
Connecticut River Gateway Zone Ch. 72
Conservation NI
Council of Elected Officials (Connecticut River Valley) Ch. 45, Art. VIII
Driveway and Drains Ch. 85
Economic Development Commission Ch. 45, Art. VI
Elderly and Disabled Tax Relief Program Ch. 227, Art. VI
Employee Health Benefit Fund See Ch. 101, Art. III
Ferries Ch. A401, Art. I
Field Park Ch. 140, Art. I
Finance, Board of Ch. 45, Art. IV
Fire House NI
Fiscal Year NI
Forestry Operations Ch. 95
General Obligation Bonds NCM
Grapevine Road Bridge Reconstruction NCM
Haddam-Killingworth Recreation Authority Ch. 140, Art. II
Highways Ch. 255, Art. I Ch. A401, Art. IV
Highway Construction and Improvements Ch. 111, Art. I
Justices of the Peace Ch. 119
Liquor Licenses Superseded 12-21-1980
Long-Range Capital Planning Committee Ch. 45, Art. V
Municipal Services Agreement NCM
Open Space Acquisition Fund Ch. 101, Art. II
Park and Recreation Commission Ch. 45, Art. II
Planning Ch. 45, Art. III Ch. 175
Planning and Zoning Commission Ch. 45, Art. III
Police NI
Property Tax Exemption - Solar Energy Ch. 227, Art. I
Public Emergency Expired
Public Meetings NI
Recreation Director NI
Regional School Board NI
Registrar of Voters Ch. 179
Reserve Fund Ch. 101, Art. I
Retirement Program Ch. 185
Road Maintenance Ch. 111, Art. II
Salmon River Bridge Ch. 18, Art. II
Sanitary Landfill Area Ch. 125
Separation, Collection and Disposition of Recyclable Materials, Bulky Wastes and Special Wastes Ch. 169
Schools Ch. 190, Art. I
Sewage Disposal Ch. 202, Art. I
Selectmen Ch. 196
Self-Service Tobacco Products Ch. 235
Sidewalks REP
Snow and Ice Removal Ch. 111, Art. III
Social Security Ch. 210
Street Name Requirements and Approval Ch. 219, Art. III
Street Numbering System Ch. 219, Art. I
Street Numbers Ch. 219, Art. II
Payment of 1958 taxes in installments NCM
Effective date of tax exemptions for tax-exempt organizations Ch. 227, Art. II
Tax abatement for High Meadow Ch. 227, Art. III
Tax Exemption - Physically Disabled Ch. 227, Art. IV
Tax Waiver - Property Ch. 227, Art. V
Tidewater Commission NI
Town Clerk NI
Town Property NI
Trailers Repealed 11-2-1983
Tramps Ch. 146, Art. I
Trees Ch. 248
Vendors Ch. 152
Voting Ch. A401, Art. III
Voting Districts Ch. A410, Art. II
Wetlands Commission Ch. 45, Art. VI
Winter Month Parking NI
Zoning Board of Appeals, Alternates Repealed 7-14-1961
Zoning Districts REP
Zoning Officer