City of Sikeston, MO
Scott County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Generally

Section 135.010 Established.

Section 135.020 Jurisdiction.

Section 135.030 Judges — Selection.

Section 135.040 Judges — Qualifications.

Section 135.050 Judges — Term of Office, Designation and Compensation.

Section 135.060 Judge — Vacation of Office.

Section 135.070 Superintending Authority.

Section 135.080 Report To City.

Section 135.090 Docket and Court Records.

Section 135.100 Judge — Powers and Duties.

Section 135.110 Administering Oaths To Complainants.

Section 135.120 Issuance and Execution of Warrants.

Section 135.130 Arrest Without Warrants.

Section 135.140 Jury Trials.

Section 135.150 Prosecuting Attorney — Duties.

Section 135.160 Summoning of Witnesses.

Section 135.170 Municipal Judge Without Jurisdiction, When.

Section 135.180 Jailing of Defendants.

Section 135.190 Parole and Probation.

Section 135.200 Right of Appeal.

Section 135.210 Appeal From Jury Verdicts.

Section 135.220 Breach of Recognizance.

Section 135.230 Judge Disqualified — When.

Section 135.240 Temporary Judge.

Section 135.250 Clerk Appointment.

Section 135.260 Clerk Duties.

Section 135.270 Costs — Amount.

Section 135.280 Additional Fee — Crime Victims' Fund.

Section 135.290 Additional Fee — Police Officers Training Fund.

Section 135.293 Sheriffs’ Retirement Fund Surcharge.

Section 135.295 Reimbursement of Certain Costs of Arrest.

Section 135.300 Fine Payment By Installment.

Section 135.310 Shelter For Victims of Domestic Violence Surcharge, Generally.

Section 135.320 Administration and Allocation of Domestic Violence Shelter Surcharge.

Section 135.330 Domestic Violence Shelter Application For Funding.

Section 135.340 Requirement For Shelter To Qualify For Funds.

Section 135.350 Allocation of Funds, Multiple Shelters.

Section 135.360 Annual Report By Shelters.

Section 135.370 Inmate Security Fund Surcharge.

Article II (Reserved)

Section 135.380 (Reserved)

Article III Violations Bureau

Section 135.390 When Person Charged May Elect To Appear At Bureau.

Section 135.400 Duties of Violations Bureau.

Section 135.410 Violations Bureau To Keep Records.

Section 135.420 Additional Duties of Violations Bureau.