City of Sikeston, MO
Scott County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Generally

Section 420.010 Generally.

Article II General Declaration and Reservation Right

Section 420.020 General Declaration Creating Sikeston Business, Education and Technology Park.

Section 420.030 Reservation of Rights in Sikeston Business, Education and Technology Park.

Article III Definitions

Section 420.040 Definitions.

Article IV Design and Development Standards

Section 420.050 Development Objectives.

Section 420.060 Design and Development Standards.

Section 420.070 Sikeston Business, Education and Technology Park Review Authority.

Section 420.080 Site Planning Standards — Objectives.

Section 420.090 Setbacks.

Section 420.100 Site Drainage.

Section 420.110 Lot Coverage.

Section 420.120 Open Space.

Section 420.130 Parking.

Section 420.140 Driveways.

Section 420.150 Loading Areas.

Section 420.160 Outside Storage Areas.

Section 420.170 Utilities and Site-Related Mechanical and/or Electrical Equipment.

Section 420.180 Exterior Building Design Standards — Objectives.

Section 420.190 Building Height.

Section 420.200 Exterior Walls.

Section 420.210 Equipment Screens.

Section 420.220 Landscaping and Site Amenities Standards — Objectives.

Section 420.230 Park Entrances.

Section 420.240 Public Rights-Of-Way.

Section 420.250 Site Entrances.

Section 420.260 Parking Areas.

Section 420.270 Service and Loading Areas.

Section 420.280 Outside Storage Areas.

Section 420.290 Utility Stations or Boxes and Site-Related Mechanical and/or Electrical Equipment.

Section 420.300 Screen Walls.

Section 420.310 Security Fencing.

Section 420.320 Site Furnishing.

Section 420.330 Yards and Lawns.

Section 420.340 Street Trees.

Section 420.350 Landscaped Common Area.

Section 420.360 Landscaped Buffer Zone.

Section 420.370 Existing Trees.

Section 420.380 Exterior Lighting Standards — Objectives.

Section 420.390 Design Criteria.

Section 420.400 Exterior Signs and Monument Standards — Objectives.

Section 420.410 Signs.

Article V Permitted and Conditional Uses of Sikeston Business, Education and Technology Park Property

Section 420.420 Zoning.

Section 420.430 Uses — Not Permitted.

Section 420.440 Noise Emissions.

Section 420.450 Odor Emissions.

Section 420.460 Usage Review.

Article VI Board of Trustees

Section 420.470 Board of Trustees — Generally.

Section 420.480 Owner Representation.

Section 420.490 Voting Provisions.

Section 420.500 Terms.

Section 420.510 Operations and Notice of Meetings.

Section 420.520 General Powers For The Board of Trustees.

Section 420.530 Additional Powers and Authority.

Section 420.540 Indemnity of Board of Trustees.

Article VII General Maintenance and Landscaping

Section 420.550 General Maintenance.

Section 420.560 Landscaping Plans — Pre-Approval Required.

Section 420.570 Owner/Tenant Maintenance Responsibility.

Section 420.580 Non-Compliance With Maintenance Standards — Remedies.

Article VIII Assessments

Section 420.590 Generally.

Section 420.600 Budget and Annual Assessments.

Section 420.610 Special Assessment — Generally.

Section 420.620 Assessment Period.

Section 420.630 Non-Payment — Interest Assessment.

Section 420.640 Non-Payment — Enforcement Actions and Costs.

Section 420.650 Levy of Lien With Power To Sale.

Section 420.660 Assessment Lien.

Article IX Common Areas

Section 420.670 Generally.

Section 420.680 Power To Establish Rules and Regulations For Use.

Section 420.690 Power To Establish Maintenance Standards.

Section 420.700 Permitted Actions.

Section 420.710 Owner Responsibility.

Section 420.720 Easements.

Section 420.730 Property Rights.

Article X Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 420.740 Enforcement.

Section 420.750 Restriction On Subdivision.

Section 420.760 Severability.

Section 420.770 Amendment.

Section 420.780 Violation and Nuisance.

Section 420.790 Accounting Procedures.

Section 420.800 Establishment of Advisory Groups, Committees.

Section 420.810 Expansion of Park.

Section 420.820 Delivery of Written Notices and Documents.

Section 420.830 Acceptance.