City of Sikeston, MO
Scott County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 716.010 Purpose And Policy.

Section 716.020 Administration.

Section 716.030 Abbreviations.

Section 716.040 Definitions.

Article II General Sewer Use Requirements

Section 716.050 Prohibited Discharge Standards.

Section 716.060 National Categorical Pretreatment Standards.

Section 716.070 State Pretreatment Standards.

Section 716.080 Local Limits.

Section 716.090 BMU's Right Of Revision.

Section 716.100 Dilution.

Article III Pretreatment Of Wastewater

Section 716.110 Pretreatment Facilities.

Section 716.120 Additional Pretreatment Measures.

Section 716.130 Accidental Discharge/Slug Discharge Control Plans.

Section 716.140 Hauled Wastewater.

Article IV Individual Wastewater Discharge Permits

Section 716.150 Wastewater Analysis.

Section 716.160 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Requirement.

Section 716.170 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permitting — Existing Connections.

Section 716.180 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permitting — New Connections.

Section 716.190 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Application Contents.

Section 716.200 Application Signatories And Certifications.

Section 716.210 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Decisions.

Article V Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance

Section 716.220 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Duration.

Section 716.230 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Contents.

Section 716.240 Permit Issuance Process.

Section 716.250 Permit Modification.

Section 716.260 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Transfer.

Section 716.270 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Revocation.

Section 716.280 Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Reissuance.

Section 716.290 Regulation Of Waste Received From Other Jurisdictions.

Article VI Reporting Requirements

Section 716.300 Baseline Monitoring Reports.

Section 716.310 Compliance Schedule Progress Reports.

Section 716.320 Reports On Compliance With Categorical Pretreatment Standard Deadline.

Section 716.330 Periodic Compliance Reports.

Section 716.340 Reports Of Changed Conditions.

Section 716.350 Reports Of Potential Problems.

Section 716.360 Reports From Unpermitted Users.

Section 716.370 Notice Of Violation/Repeat Sampling And Reporting.

Section 716.380 Notification Of The Discharge Of Hazardous Waste.

Section 716.390 Analytical Requirements.

Section 716.400 Sample Collection.

Section 716.410 Date Of Receipt Of Reports.

Section 716.420 Recordkeeping.

Section 716.430 Certification Statements.

Article VII Compliance Monitoring

Section 716.440 Right Of Entry — Inspection And Sampling.

Section 716.450 Search Warrants.

Article VIII Confidential Information

Section 716.460 Confidential Information.

Article IX Publication Of Users In Significant Non-Compliance

Section 716.470 Publication Of Users In Significant Non-Compliance.

Article X Administrative Enforcement Remedies

Section 716.480 Notification Of Violation.

Section 716.490 Consent Orders.

Section 716.500 Show Cause Hearing.

Section 716.510 Compliance Orders.

Section 716.520 Cease And Desist Orders.

Section 716.530 Administrative Fines.

Section 716.540 Emergency Suspensions.

Section 716.550 Termination Of Discharge.

Article XI Judicial Enforcement Remedies

Section 716.560 Injunctive Relief.

Section 716.570 Civil Penalties.

Section 716.580 Criminal Prosecution.

Section 716.590 Remedies Non-Exclusive.

Article XII Supplemental Enforcement Action

Section 716.600 Payment Of Outstanding Fees And Penalties.

Section 716.610 Water Supply Severance.