Platte City, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 200.010 Police Department — Appointment and Term of Police Officers.

[CC 1992 §200.010; R.O. 1979 §7.000; Ord. No. 1231 §1, 1-24-2002; Ord. No. 1267 §1, 10-23-2002]
The Police Department of the City shall consist of the Director of Public Safety and Police Officers.
The Mayor with the consent and approval of the majority of the members of the Board of Aldermen shall appoint the Director of Public Safety who shall also be known as the Chief of Police. Other Police Officers will be appointed and removed pursuant to the City's Personnel Policy.

Section 200.020 Bond of Director of Public Safety.

[CC 1992 §200.020; R.O. 1979 §7.100]
Before entering on the discharge of his/her duties, the Director of Public Safety may be required to execute to the City a bond in the sum to be determined by resolution of the Board, with good and sufficient surety, to be approved by the Board, conditioned that he/she will safely discharge his/her duties and account for all money and other property belonging to the City that shall come into his/her hands by virtue of his/her office.

Section 200.030 Duties Generally.

[CC 1992 §200.030; R.O. 1979 §7.200]
It shall now be the duty of the Director of Public Safety, as well as all other Police Officers, to see that all laws, this Code and other ordinances of the City are duly enforced and, without warrant, to arrest forthwith and bring before the Municipal Judge any person who, in the presence of such officer, shall commit any offense against the laws of the City or State and to promptly execute all warrants and other processes put in their hands for service and to perform such other duties incident to the office as may be required by law, this Code or other ordinance of the City.
It shall be the duty of the Chief and officers to see that all persons pursuing any calling or business in the City, for which a permit or license is required, to take out such permit or license and shall diligently prosecute all persons for failure to take out such permit or license or pay the amount thereof.
The Chief and officers shall, at all times, be diligent in preventing the obstruction of any and all sidewalks and streets in the City and not allow any crowd or assembly of persons to obstruct such streets or sidewalks by gathering thereon, either on the corners of the street or elsewhere thereon, so as to prevent or discommode persons in traveling on such street or sidewalk. When the Chief or Police Officers shall command any such crowd or assembly to disperse and any one (1) or more of them shall fail to do so, such person or persons shall be immediately arrested by such officer and taken before the Municipal Judge.
The Chief and Police Officers of the City shall, at all times, be active and vigilant in the preservation of good order within the City, shall suppress all riots and breaches of the peace, shall diligently inquire into all violations of the ordinances of the City and cause the persons guilty of such violations to be prosecuted before the proper authorities.

Section 200.040 Salaries.

[CC 1992 §200.040; R.O. 1979 §7.300]
The salaries of the Director of Public Safety and Police Officers shall be fixed from time to time by the Board of Aldermen.

Section 200.050 False Information.

[CC 1992 §200.050; R.O. 1979 §7.400]
It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly and willfully give false information to a Police Officer.

Section 200.060 Monthly Report.

[CC 1992 §200.070; R.O. 1979 §7.600]
The Director of Public Safety or his/her designated substitute shall at each regular meeting of the Board of Aldermen make a written report setting forth all money collected or received during the preceding months belonging to the City, together with the names of the persons from whom he/she received any money and on what account. Such report shall also contain the listing by category of Police services rendered to the City and citizens thereof during the preceding months.
Such report shall be carefully examined by the Board and if found to be correct, such report shall be approved, the order of approval entered on the journal of proceedings and such report shall be filed and kept by the City Clerk.

Section 200.070 Responding To An Emergency Outside City Limits.

[CC 1992 §200.080; Ord. No. 523 §§1 — 5, 8-14-1990]
Any Police Officer of the City of Platte City who has completed the basic Police training program as established by Chapter 590, RSMo., shall have the authority to respond to an emergency situation outside the boundaries of the City. The authority set forth herein shall be limited to responses within the boundaries of Platte County, Missouri.
It shall be the policy of the City that Police Officers shall not leave the City inhabitants with inadequate Police protection or be absent for extended periods of time. No Police Officer shall be required by reason of this Section to leave the jurisdiction to respond to an emergency situation. Instead, the Police Officer shall use his/her discretion and judgment as to the advisability of leaving the City to respond to an emergency situation.
Every response to an emergency situation outside of the City shall be reported in writing within twenty-four (24) hours of such response by the Director of Public Safety to the Mayor, the Police Commissioner and the City Administrator. The written report shall state the name of the officer or agency who requested the officers to leave the City, the time of departure from the City, the time of arrival back in the City, the name of the City Official who was notified of the emergency situation, the nature of the emergency situation, the activities performed by the responding Platte City Police Officer and any other pertinent information regarding the response.
As used in this Section, the term "emergency situation" shall mean any situation in which the Police Officer has a reasonable belief that a crime is about to be committed, is being committed or has been committed involving injury or threat of injury to any person, property or governmental interest in which the officer's response is reasonably necessary to prevent or end such emergency situation or mitigate the likelihood of injury involved in such emergency situation.
As used in this Section, the terms "respond" or "response" shall mean to take any and all action which the Police Officer may lawfully take as if exercising his/her powers within his/her own jurisdiction.

Section 200.080 Police Department Fee Schedule.

[Ord. No. 863 §1, 5-30-1996; Ord. No. 1254 §1, 8-27-2002; Ord. No. 1377 §1, 8-11-2004]
The following fees shall be charged for services of the Police Department:
General Police report, general accident report and driving while intoxicated report (DWI) each request shall be charged ten cents ($.10) per page for the photocopy and the average hourly rate for all clerical staff's research time and time required for making copies.