Platte City, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Fiscal Year

Section 135.010 Fiscal Year.

Article II Regulations Concerning Finance

Section 135.020 Publication of Financial Statements.

Section 135.030 Claims Against City.

Section 135.040 Bonded Indebtedness.

Section 135.050 Bonds — How Issued — Terms.

Article III Levy of Taxes

Section 135.060 Assessment of Property.

Section 135.070 Establishment of Tax Rate — Delivery of Tax Books To City Collector.

Section 135.080 Delinquent Taxes — When Declared Delinquent — Preparation and Approval of List — Collection — Penalty.

Article IV Sales Tax

Section 135.090 City Sales Tax.

Section 135.100 Additional City Sales Tax.

Section 135.110 Sales Tax For Street Improvements and Other Transportation Purposes.

Section 135.120 Opting in The Back To School Sales Tax Holiday.

Section 135.125 Show Me Green Sales Tax Holiday.

Section 135.130 Sales Tax For The Acquisition, Development, Maintenance and Improvement of Local Parks.

Article V Procurement Policy

Section 135.140 Procurement of Architectural, Engineering and Land Surveying Services.

Section 135.145 Emergency Procurement Procedures and Duties.

Article VI Urban Redevelopment Corporations

Section 135.150 Title, Designation.

Section 135.155 Determination of Necessity for Legislation.

Section 135.160 Acceptance of Application of State Enabling Act.

Section 135.165 Definitions.

Section 135.170 Application for Approval of Development Plan; Deposit Upon Filing Plan.

Section 135.175 Declaration of Blight Prior to Application.

Section 135.180 Supporting Evidence of Blight.

Section 135.185 Hearing and Report on Proposed Development Plan by Commission.

Section 135.190 Contents of Development Plan.

Section 135.192 Tax Agreements by Corporations.

Section 135.195 (Reserved)

Section 135.200 Determinations Prior to Approval of Development Plan.

Section 135.205 Conclusiveness Report of Determination by Planning Commission; Factors in Making Determination.

Section 135.210 Prerequisite to Amendment of Plan.

Section 135.215 Commission to Check Compliance, Make Reports, Adopt Rules and Regulations.

Section 135.220 (Reserved)

Section 135.225 Filing Commission Report; Board Action.

Section 135.230 Findings and Declarations of Board of Aldermen.