Platte City, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 205.010 Definitions.

Section 205.020 Vicious Animals.

Section 205.030 Maintaining A Place For Fowl or Animal Fights.

Section 205.040 Animal Neglect or Abandonment.

Section 205.050 Animal Abuse.

Section 205.060 Knowingly Releasing An Animal.

Section 205.070 Animal Waste Prohibited On Public and Private Property — Exception.

Article II Dog, Cat and Animal Regulations

Section 205.080 Number of Dogs and Cats — Limitation.

Section 205.090 Barking or Howling Animals — Nuisances.

Section 205.100 Hindrance, Obstruction or Interference With Access By Public Utility or Postal Employees.

Section 205.110 Owner To Restrain Dog.

Section 205.120 Confinement of Female Dogs in Heat.

Section 205.130 Authority of Officers Generally — Interfering With Officers.

Section 205.140 Licenses — Registration Required — Records.

Section 205.150 License Fee — Surrendering Dog or Cat Upon Refusal To Pay Fee.

Section 205.160 Records and Report — When Fee Payable.

Section 205.170 License Fee Required When Adopting Dogs or Cats.

Section 205.180 Impoundment — When Dogs and Cats May Be Seized.

Section 205.190 Notice To Owner of Impounded Dog or Cat.

Section 205.200 Method of Disposing of Dogs and Cats Not Redeemed.

Section 205.210 Redemption Fees — Disposition of Fees.

Section 205.220 Rabies Control — Confinement of Dogs and Cats — Surrender Upon Demand — Fees.

Section 205.230 Duration of and Release From Quarantine.

Section 205.240 Permission Required To Kill or Remove Rabid Animal — Exception.

Section 205.250 Surrendering Body Upon Demand.

Section 205.260 Animals Biting Person — Owner To Deliver Animal To Veterinarian — Destroying Animal — Costs.

Section 205.270 Animals Biting Person — Delivery of Animals By Director of Public Safety Upon Refusal By Owner — Payment and Recovery of Costs.

Article III Exotic or Wild Animals — Pit Bull Dogs

Section 205.280 Animals — Keeping Prohibited.

Section 205.290 Keeping of Registered Pit Bulls.

Section 205.300 Violations and Penalties.

Article IV Management of Feral Cat Colony Feeding and Carektaking

Section 205.310 Feeding of Feral Cats or Feral Cat Colonies — Permit Required.

Section 205.315 Revocation of Permits.

Section 205.320 Requirements For Care of Feral Cat Colonies.

Section 205.325 Violations.