Platte City, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Video Services Provider — Generally

Section 620.005 Video Services Provider — Generally.

Article II General Provisions

Section 620.010 Title.

Section 620.020 Applicability.

Section 620.030 Preservation of Police Power Authority.

Section 620.040 Indemnification.

Section 620.050 No Cause of Action For Damages Against The City.

Section 620.060 Compliance With Laws.

Section 620.070 Enforcement — Attorneys' Fees.

Section 620.080 Relationship of The Parties.

Section 620.090 Defined Terms.

Article III Cable Services Franchise Requirements

Section 620.100 Cable Franchise Requirements.

Section 620.110 General Requirements.

Section 620.120 Design, Services and Capabilities.

Section 620.130 Institutional Network and Public Educational and Governmental Access or "PEG Access".

Section 620.140 Technical Standards and Customer Service Practices.

Section 620.150 Operation and Maintenance.

Section 620.160 Construction Standards.

Section 620.170 Financial Provisions, Remedies, Procedures and Due Process.

Section 620.180 Foreclosure, Receivership and Abandonment.

Section 620.190 Purchase of System.

Section 620.200 Sale or Transfer of Cable Franchise.

Section 620.210 Rights of Individuals Protected.

Section 620.220 Miscellaneous Provisions.

Article IV Rights-of-Way Management and Facilities Requirements

Section 620.230 Rights-of-Way Ordinance.

Section 620.240 Exclusion of Certain Locations/Facilities.

Section 620.250 Location of Facilities Subject To Approval.

Section 620.260 Erection of Poles Prohibited.

Section 620.270 Facilities Requirements — Planned Infrastructure.

Section 620.280 Use of Facilities By Others — Required Terms.

Section 620.290 Removal and Relocation of Facilities.

Section 620.300 Franchisee Responsible For Costs.

Article V Miscellaneous

Section 620.310 Administration of Code and Franchises.

Section 620.320 Non-Enforcement By The City.

Section 620.330 Publication of Notices.

Section 620.340 Severability.