Platte City, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 783 §1, 1-25-1995; Ord. No. 1477 §1, 6-7-2006]
All of those portions of Second Street, Third Street, Fourth Street and Marshall Road in the City of Platte City, Missouri, lying between Main Street and U.S. Highway 92 and Fourth Street lying between U.S. Highway 92 and Thomas Road are hereby declared to be Boulevards and the same shall be posted as Boulevards for the use of passenger vehicles only.
[Ord. No. 783 §2, 1-25-1995]
For the purpose of this Chapter, the term "passenger vehicle" shall mean any motor vehicle designed for carrying ten (10) passengers or less and used primarily for the transportation of persons. Passenger vehicle shall include any pickup or truck licensed for a gross vehicle weight of twenty-four thousand (24,000) pounds or less.
[Ord. No. 783 §3, 1-25-1995]
Trucks licensed for more than twenty-four thousand (24,000) pounds gross vehicle weight making deliveries to residents or businesses of goods, wares, merchandise, household goods or collecting residential solid waste from residences or being used in the provision of public utilities shall be permitted to travel upon boulevards in the City in the course of such activities.
[Ord. No. 783 §4, 1-25-1995]
No vehicle or combination of vehicles shall be moved or operated on any street, highway or alley in the City having a weight greater than that permitted to be operated upon the highways of this State pursuant to Section 304.180, RSMo., and any amendments thereto and no vehicle or combination of vehicles shall move or be operated on any street, highway or alley in the City which is of a width, height or length prohibited by Section 304.170, RSMo., and any amendments thereto, except that the provisions of this Section shall not apply to fire-fighting vehicles and equipment.
[Ord. No. 783 §5, 1-25-1995]
All motor vehicles licensed for a gross vehicle weight of more than twenty-four thousand (24,000) pounds shall, except in the case of local deliveries as set forth in Section 395.030, travel through the City on its designated truck route. The designated truck route for the City shall be U.S. Highway 92.
[Ord. No. 783 §6, 1-25-1995]
The provisions of this Chapter 395 with respect to the operation of motor vehicles shall not apply to the following:
Agricultural implements operated occasionally on the highways for short distances or to self-propelled hay-hauling equipment or to implements of husbandry or to vehicles temporarily transporting agricultural implements or implements of husbandry or road-making machinery or towing for repair purposes vehicles that have become disabled upon the highways or to a rollback or car carrier as defined in Section 301.010, RSMo., or to implement dealers delivering or moving farm machinery for repairs.
[Ord. No. 783 §7, 1-25-1995]
Any person upon conviction of violation of the provisions of Chapter 395 of this Code shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of Section 100.100 of this Code, except that in the event of violation of the provisions of this Chapter regarding travel upon boulevards, the minimum fine for the first (1st) offense committed by a vehicle licensed for more than twenty-four thousand (24,000) pounds but less than sixty thousand (60,000) pounds shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00); for a vehicle licensed for sixty thousand (60,000) pounds or more, a minimum of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00); and for each subsequent offense by the same operator of any truck licensed for more than twenty-four thousand (24,000) pounds, the minimum fine shall be five hundred dollars ($500.00).