Platte City, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 700.010 Combined Waterworks and Sewerage System.

Section 700.020 Permit Required To Connect With City Sewer and Water System.

Article II Wastewater Treatment Works

Section 700.030 Purpose.

Section 700.040 Definitions.

Section 700.050 User Charge System.

Section 700.060 User Charges Based On Water Usage.

Section 700.070 Review of System.

Section 700.080 Unsanitary Deposits.

Section 700.090 Discharge To Natural Outlets.

Section 700.100 Prohibited Facilities.

Section 700.110 Temporary Portable Facilities.

Section 700.120 Connection To Public Sewer Required — When — Penalty For Violation.

Section 700.130 Private Sewage Disposal System.

Section 700.140 Permit Required For Work Affecting Public Sewer.

Section 700.150 Building Sewer Permits Classified — Application.

Section 700.160 Responsibility For Costs of Building Sewer, Connection and Damages.

Section 700.170 Separate Building Sewer Required For Each Building — Exception.

Section 700.180 Use of Old Building Sewers.

Section 700.190 Requirements For Construction of A Building Sewer.

Section 700.200 Artificial Lifting Required.

Section 700.210 Requirements For Connection of A Building Sewer Into The Public Sewer.

Section 700.220 Relative Responsibilities of Owner, Contractor, City With Reference To Connection.

Section 700.230 Notice When Building Sewer Ready For Inspection, Supervision of Connection.

Section 700.240 Safety Precautions At Excavations — Restoration of Surface.

Section 700.250 Excavation in Public Right-of-Way — Special Permits and Fees.

Section 700.260 Unpolluted Drainage To Sanitary Sewer Prohibited.

Section 700.270 Discharges To Combined Sewers, Storm Sewers, Natural Outlets.

Section 700.280 Wastes Prohibited.

Section 700.290 Wastes Conditionally Prohibited.

Section 700.300 Codes Enforcement Officer's Right To Reject Wastes — Exceptions.

Section 700.310 Interceptors Required.

Section 700.320 Maintenance of Interceptors.

Section 700.330 Maintenance of Pretreatment Facilities.

Section 700.340 Control Manhole Required.

Section 700.350 Standards For Tests.

Section 700.360 Special Agreements Between City and Industry.

Section 700.370 Damaging Facilities.

Section 700.380 Inspector's Right-Of-Entry.

Section 700.390 Notice, Correction of Violations.

Section 700.400 Failure To Comply With Notice.

Section 700.410 Liability For Damages Caused By Violation.

Section 700.420 Review of System.

Article III Water

Section 700.430 Water Rates.

Section 700.431 Utility Billing - Billing, Due Date, Adjustments, Payments and Disconnection.

Section 700.432 Utility Payment Options.

Section 700.433 Time Payment Plans (TPP).

Section 700.434 Water and Wastewater Leak Adjustment.

Section 700.435 Level Pay Option for Residential Customers.

Section 700.440 Deposit Required of Both Residential and Commercial Customers For Water Service.

Section 700.450 Water Rate For Water Sold To Public Water District Number Four.

Section 700.460 Water Meters For Residential Uses — Fees.

Section 700.465 Water Meters Testing, Replacement, Bill Adjustment and Related Fees.

Section 700.470 Water Meters and Requirements For All Commercial Uses.

Section 700.480 Water Shortage Emergency.

Section 700.490 Missouri Drinking Water Primacy Fee.

Section 700.495 Missouri Clean Water Law Fee.

Article IV Utility Billing

Section 700.500 Sewerage and Refuse Service Charges, Inclusion On Water Bill.

Article V Violations and Penalties

Section 700.510 Penalties.

Article VI Water and Sewer System Construction Finance Plan

Section 700.520 Equivalent Dwelling Units and Connection Fees.

Section 700.530 EDU Ratios To Be Used For Computation of Connection Fees.

Article VII Fee Schedule

Section 700.540 Fees.