City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1983 App. B Art. XI; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970]
The purpose of this District is to provide for industrial operations of all types except that certain potentially hazardous industries are permitted only after public hearing and review to assure protection of the public interest and surrounding property and persons. New residential development is excluded from this District. The regulations set forth in this Article or set forth elsewhere in this Chapter, when referred to in this Article, are the regulations in the "I-2" Heavy Industrial District.
[CC 1983 App. B Art. XI §1; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970]
A building or premises shall be used only for the following purposes:
Any use permitted in the "I-1", Light Industrial District, except dwellings, hospitals, institutions, or other buildings used for permanent or temporary housing of persons.
Any other use not in conflict with the enacted laws of the State of Missouri or the City of Caruthersville regulating nuisances provided that no use emitting or likely to emit substantial amounts of dust, odor, gas, smoke, or noise and none of the following specific uses shall be permitted unless and until the location of such use shall have been approved by the City Council after a review and report by the City Planning Commission.
Acid manufacture.
Cement, lime, gypsum, or plaster of paris manufacture.
Distillation of bones.
Explosives manufacture or storage.
Fat rendering.
Fertilizer manufacture.
Gas manufacture.
Garbage, offal or dead animals, reduction or dumping.
Glue manufacture.
Petroleum or its products, refining of.
Stockyards or slaughter of animals.
Wholesale storage of gasoline.
Auto wrecking or salvage.
Junk, iron, or rags, storage or bailing.
Any similar use that would be hazardous to the public health, safety, or welfare.
In authorizing any of the uses in this Subsection, there may be imposed such reasonable requirements as to landscaping, screening, and other features of the development as are deemed necessary to protect adjacent property and prevent objectionable or hazardous conditions.
[CC 1983 App. B Art. XI §2; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970]
The height and area regulations set forth in Article XIV shall be observed.
[CC 1983 App. B Art. XI §3; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970]
Off-street parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with the requirements for specific uses set out in Article XV.