Township of Mount Olive, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1990 Code have been included in the 2015 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
New legislation is pending.
Chapter/Title From 1990 Code
Location in 2015 Code
Part I, Administrative Legislation
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Art. I, Adoption of Code by Township Council
Ch. 1, Art. I
Ch. 4, Administrative Code
Ch. 5
Ch. 7, Checks or Automated Clearing House (ACH) Online
Ch. 11
Ch. 8, Committees and Boards
Art. I, Shade Tree Committee
Ch. 15, Art. I
Art. II, Industrial and Economic Development Committee
Ch. 15, Art. II
Art. III, Board of Health
Ch. 15, Art. III
Art. IV, (Reserved)
Art. V, Water and Sewer Advisory Committee
Ch. 15, Art. IV
Art. VI, Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Ch. 15, Art. VI
Art. VII, Environmental Commission
Ch. 15, Art. VII
Art. VIII, Historic Preservation Commission
Ch. 15, Art. V
Art. IX, Planning Board
Ch. 15, Art. VIII
Art. X, Zoning Board of Adjustment
Ch. 15, Art. IX
Art. XI, Public Library Board of Trustees
Ch. 15, Art. X
Art. XII, Open Space Committee
Ch. 15, Art. XI
Art. XIII, Pride Committee
Ch. 15, Art. XII
Ch. 11, Defense and Indemnification of Officers and Employees
Ch. 21
Ch. 15, Educational and Governmental Television Station Policies and Procedures
Ch. 24
Ch. 18, Environmental Commission
Ch. 15, Art. VII
Ch. 23, Fire Department
Ch. 32
Ch. 29, Historic Preservation Commission
Ch. 15, Art. V
Ch. 35, Length of Service Awards Program
Ch. 46
Ch. 38, Municipal Facilities
Art. I, Security of Police Department Areas
Ch. 52, Art. I
Ch. 43, Personnel Policies
Art. I, General Provisions
Ch. 63, Art. I
Art. II, Nonparticipation of Elected Officials in Health Benefits Program
Ch. 63, Art. II
Ch. 48, Police Department
Ch. 68
Ch. 50, Public Contracting
Ch. 73
Ch. 51, Public Defender
§ 5-103
Ch. 57, Recreation
Art. I, Recreation Utility
Ch. 81, Art. I
Art. II, Fees for Recreation Department Programs
Ch. 81, Art. II
Part II, General Legislation
Ch. 76, Alarm Systems
Ch. 102
Ch. 78, Alcoholic Beverages
Ch. 106
Ch. 89, Building Numbering; Knox Boxes
Ch. 124
Ch. 96, Condominium Conversation
Ch. 147
Ch. 98, Construction, Renovation and Demolition Debris Recovery
Ch. 151
Ch. 100, Dam Management
Art. I, Budd Lake Dam
Ch. 158, Art. I
Ch. 102, Documents, Fees for Copies of
Art. I, General Fees
Ch. 164, Art. I
Art. II, Open Public Records Fees
Ch. 164, Art. II
Art. III, Duplicate Tax Sale Certificate Fee
Ch. 164, Art. III
Art. IV, Duplicate Tax Bill Fee
Ch. 164, Art. IV
Art. V, Certificate of Redemption Fee
Ch. 164, Art. V
Art. VI, Municipal Court Discovery Fees
Ch. 164, Art. VI
Ch. 106, Dogs and Other Animals
Art. I, Dogs; Animal Detention and Redemption
Ch. 169, Art. I
Art. II, Pastoral Animals
Ch. 169, Art. II
Art. III, Police Dogs
Ch. 169, Art. III
Art. IV, Cats
Ch. 169, Art. IV
Art. V, Feral Cats
Ch. 169, Art. V
Ch. 111, Drug Control
Art. I, Drug-Free School Zones
Ch. 174, Art. I
Ch. 113, Ethical Standards Board
Ch. 15, Art. XIII
Ch. 119, Fertilizer Application
Ch. 192
Ch. 126, Fire Prevention
Ch. 201
Ch. 139, Games of Chance
Ch. 213
Ch. 142, Fire Insurance Claims
Art. I, Payment of Municipal Liens
Ch. 197, Art. I
Ch. 143, Hazardous Materials
Art. I, Recovery of Expenses
Ch. 224, Art. I
Ch. 146, Library Materials
Ch. 244
Ch. 150, Littering
Ch. 250
Ch. 155, Mines, Abandoned
Ch. 259
Ch. 160, Noise
Art. I, Hours of Operation for Industrial Activities
Ch. 266, Art. I
Art. II, General Provisions
Ch. 266, Art. II
Ch. 164, Nuisances
Art. I, Drainage on to Public Property
Ch. 270, Art. I
Ch. 167, Nursing Homes
Ch. 274
Ch. 176, Parks
Art. I, General Regulations
Ch. 285, Art. I
Art. II, Vehicles in Turkey Brook Park
Ch. 285, Art. II
Ch. 178, Peace and Good Order
Ch. 290
Ch. 180, Peddling and Soliciting
Art. I, General Provisions
Ch. 294, Art. I
Art. II, Transient Merchants
Ch. 294, Art. II
Ch. 185, Property Maintenance
Art. I, Multifamily Dwellings
Ch. 302, Art. I
Art. II, General Provisions
Ch. 302, Art. II
Ch. 196, Sewers and Water
Part 1, General Provisions
Ch. 318, Part 1
Part 2, Collector Systems
Ch. 318, Part 2
Part 3, Provisions Applicable to Entire Chapter
Ch. 318, Part 3
Part 4, Sewer and Water Accounting Systems
Ch. 318, Part 4
Part 5, Sewer Allocation Charges
Ch. 318, Part 5
Part 6, Water Utility and Sewer Utility
Ch. 318, Part 6
Ch. 207, Smoking
Ch. 329
Ch. 211, Solid Waste Disposal; Recyclable Materials
Art. I, Recyclable Materials
Ch. 338, Art. I
Art. II, Sanitation District
Ch. 338, Art. II
Art. III, Dumpsters
Ch. 338, Art. III
Art. IV, Dumping
Ch. 338, Art. IV
Art. V, Large Items and Special Collections
Ch. 338, Art. V
Ch. 213, Stormwater Management
Art. I, Stormwater Management Plan
Ch. 343, Art. I
Art. II, Illicit Connections to Storm Sewers
Ch. 343, Art. II
Art. III, Disposal of Wastes in Storm Sewers
Ch. 343, Art. III
Ch. 215, Streets and Sidewalks
Art. I, Street Openings
Ch. 347, Art. I
Art. II, Snow and Ice Removal
Ch. 347, Art. II
Art. III, Street Construction Traffic Controls
Ch. 347, Art. III
Art. IV, Mailbox Construction
Ch. 347, Art. IV
Ch. 228, Swimming Facilities, Public
Ch. 352
Ch. 230, Taxation
Art. I, Open Space and Recreation
Ch. 356, Art. I
Art. II, Hotel and Motel Room Occupancy Tax
Ch. 356, Art. II
Art. III, Payment of Delinquent Property Taxes
Ch. 356, Art. III
Ch. 234, Towing
Ch. 367
Ch. 245, Vehicles and Traffic
Ch. 375
Ch. 249, Vehicles for Hire
Art. I, Limousine and Livery Service
Ch. 379, Art. I
Art. II, Taxicabs
Ch. 379, Art. II
Ch. 253, Vehicles, Off-Road
Ch. 384
Ch. 257, Vessels
Art. I, Launching Onto Budd Lake
Ch. 388, Art. I
Art. II, Operation on Budd Lake
Ch. 388, Art. II
Ch. 261, Water Pollution
Art. I, Phosphate Detergents
Ch. 393, Art. I
Part III, Board of Health Legislation
Ch. 274, General Provisions, Board of Health
Art. I, Adoption of Code by Board of Health
Ch. 401, Art. I
Ch. 276, Applications
Ch. 404
Ch. 282, Fees
Ch. 412
Ch. 284, Food-Handling Establishments, Retail
Ch. 415
Ch. 287, Heating and Heating Emergencies
Ch. 419
Ch. 291, Lawn Maintenance and Tree Spraying
Ch. 423
Ch. 292, Massage, Bodywork and Somatic Therapy Establishments
Ch. 426
Ch. 294, Multiple-Dwelling Units
Art. I, Inspections
Ch. 430, Art. I
Art. II, Property Maintenance
Ch. 430, Art. II
Ch. 297, Nuisances, Public Health
Ch. 433
Ch. 303, Rabies Inoculations
Ch. 436
Ch. 308, Rules of Order
Ch. 439
Ch. 310, Septic Sludge Removal
Ch. 442
Ch. 312, Sewage Disposal and Water Systems, Individual
Art. I, Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems
Ch. 445, Art. I
Art. II, Individual and Semipublic Water Supply Systems
Ch. 445, Art. II
Art. III, Board of Health Certificates
Ch. 445, Art. III
Art. IV, High-Water-Use Businesses
Ch. 445, Art. IV
Art. V, Exemptions
Ch. 445, Art. V
Ch. 315, Solid Waste Transfer Stations
Ch. 449
Ch. 318, Swimming Pools
Ch. 454
Ch. 319, Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments
Ch. 458
Ch. 323, Vending Machines
Art. I, Food and Beverage Vending Machines
Ch. 465, Art. I
Art. II, Sale of Tobacco to Minors; Cigarette Vending Machines
Ch. 465, Art. II
Art. III, Enforcement
Ch. 465, Art. III
Ch. 327, Weed Control
Ch. 469
Ch. A332, Cable Television Franchise
Art. I, Comcast Cablevision
Ch. A480, Art. II
Art. II, CSC TRK, Inc.
Ch. A480, Art. I
Ch. A333, United Telephone of New Jersey Agreement
Ch. A481
Part IV, Land Use Procedures
Ch. 400, Land Use Procedures
Ch. 550