Village of Grafton, WI
Ozaukee County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Grafton as Title 8, Ch. 8.32, of the 1979 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The following are specifically declared to be nuisances affecting the public health:
All decayed, spoiled, tainted, unwholesome or harmfully adulterated food, drink or drugs offered for sale to the public.
All ponds or pools of stagnant water in which mosquitoes, flies or other insects can multiply.
Carcasses of animals or fowl not buried, destroyed or otherwise disposed of in a sanitary manner within 24 hours after death.
Accumulations of decayed animal or vegetable matter, trash, manure, rubbish, rotting lumber or other debris to which are attracted flies, mosquitoes, insects or other vermin.
Privy vaults.
Garbage cans which are not flytight.
Pollution of any public well or cistern, stream, lake, canal or body of water by sewage, creamery or industrial waste, or other substances.
All noxious weeds and other rank growths of vegetation.
Dense smoke, noxious fumes, gas, soot, cinders, fly ash or industrial dust in such quantities as to render the occupancy of property dangerous or uncomfortable to a person of ordinary sensibilities.
All nuisances including sick and diseased animals; all animals causing personal or property damage.
[Amended by Ord. No. 012, Series 1997]
No person shall, within the Village, cause or create any public health nuisance or permit any public health nuisance to remain on premises owned or occupied by him.
[Amended 11-17-2014 by Ord. No. 018-2014]
Whenever any condition or thing dangerous to human health or life, or which is any source of filth or cause of sickness, or which renders soil, water or air, or any food or drink impure or unwholesome, is found on any premises within the Village, the Village Health Inspector is authorized in his discretion to cause the same to be summarily abated in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 8.36 of this Code. The Village Board shall have and exercise the powers as provided in that chapter.