Borough of Conway, PA
Beaver County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Conway 3-16-1964 by Res. No. 82. Amendments noted where applicable.]

Police and fire regulations — See Ch. 30.

§ 24-1
Qualifications for vacations. 

§ 24-2
Computation of continuous service. 

§ 24-3
Forfeiture of vacation benefits. 

§ 24-4
Notification of starting date of employment. 

§ 24-5
Determination of vacation time. 

§ 24-6
Vacation pay. 

§ 24-7
Requests for vacation. 

§ 24-8
Scheduling of vacations. 

§ 24-9

§ 24-10
Compensation for holidays worked. 

§ 24-11
Eligibility for holiday pay. 

§ 24-12
List of eligible employees. 

§ 24-13

All Borough employees shall be entitled to such vacation time as hereinafter set out in this chapter, provided they meet all the following qualifications:


Shall have one year or more of continuous full-time service with the Borough.


Shall not have been absent from work for more than six consecutive months in the preceding calendar year.


Shall have at least 1,040 hours of employment by the Borough in the vacation year.

In connection with this chapter, continuous service shall date from the date of first employment by the Borough until such time as such employee is discharged or laid off. In the event an employee of the Borough is discharged or laid off and such discharge or layoff shall continue for a period of time more than six consecutive months, continuous service of such employee shall be deemed to have terminated. If an employee shall voluntarily resign or quit, such an act shall immediately terminate his continuous service.

An employee, although otherwise eligible under this chapter for vacation benefits, shall be deemed to have forfeited such benefits if his employment is terminated prior to January of the vacation year.

The records of the Borough of Conway shall be deemed conclusive in establishing the starting date of employment under the provisions of this chapter. In the case of present employees, the Secretary shall notify in writing each employee of the starting date recorded for him, and such employees shall have a period of 30 days from said written notice to appeal to Council for change of such starting date. In any such appeal Council's determination shall be conclusive and binding.

Effective January 1, 1964, all eligible Borough employees under this chapter shall receive a vacation corresponding to such years of continuous service as shown in the following table:

Years of Service Vacation Time Off (weeks)
1 but less that 3 1
3 but less than 10 2
10 but less than 20 3
20 or more 4

Eligible employees shall be compensated for said vacation time at their average rate of earnings per week for the two months prior to their vacation.

Eligible employees shall, in writing, give notice to their immediate supervisor or to Council of the requested vacation time. Said written notice shall be given at least two months prior to the requested vacation period.

Borough Council or the immediate supervisor shall have the right to schedule, fix and assign vacation periods for eligible employees for periods other than those requested by the employees so as to maintain and ensure the continued orderly operation of the Borough. In this regard preference will be given to those employees having longer continuous service with the Borough in an attempt to grant vacation periods at or near the requested period.

All eligible Borough employees shall receive the following paid holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. In this regard holiday pay shall be one day's pay at the rate then in effect for such employee.

If an employee, either hourly or salaried, is required to work on any of the aforementioned holidays, he shall then receive double his regular hourly rate for the number of hours worked. If the hours worked shall total less than eight hours, he shall then receive his regular rate for such remaining hours so that his total hours for which he is compensated shall be no less than eight. Salaried employees shall be paid one extra day's wage for each holiday they are required to work.

To become eligible for holiday pay as set forth in this chapter, an employee of the Borough must meet the following qualifications:


He must receive a set salary or hourly wage.


He must have worked a total of 160 hours since his last hiring.


He must be working or on vacation during the payroll period in which the holiday occurs.


He must work the scheduled day before and after the holiday.


He must report to work on said holiday when he has been scheduled to do so, otherwise no payment for said holiday will be made to him.

The immediate supervisor of any eligible Borough employees shall provide the Secretary with a listing of those eligible to receive such holiday pay as provided for in this chapter.

[Added 6-10-1974 by Res. No. 117]

No provision of this chapter shall apply to or be binding on any member of the Public Works Bargaining Unit.