Town of North Hempstead, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Administration and Enforcement

Chapter 2A Unsafe Property and Buildings

Chapter 3 Attendance of Employees At Outside Meetings

Chapter 4 Appearance Tickets; Authority to Prosecute

Chapter 5 Bingo

Chapter 6 (Reserved)

Chapter 7 Building Code

Chapter 8 Building and Safety: Multiple Residence

Chapter 9 Building and Safety: Places of Assembly and Places of Public Assembly

Chapter 10 Numbering of Buildings; Honorary Street Names

Chapter 10A Business Improvement Districts

Chapter 11 Cabarets, Restaurants and Other Places of Public Entertainment

Chapter 12 Circuses

Chapter 12A Commercial Handbills

Chapter 13 Dealers in Secondhand Merchandise

Chapter 14 Dogs

Chapter 14A Domestic Partnerships, Registration of

Chapter 15 Elections On Propositions

Chapter 15A Election Districts

Chapter 15B Town Clerk; Term of Office

Chapter 16 Employee Organizations

Chapter 16A Ethics, Code of

Chapter 16B Anti-Nepotism

Chapter 17 Excavations, Hazardous

Chapter 18 Excavations, Highway

Chapter 19 Explosives

Chapter 20 Environmental Quality Review

Chapter 20A Environmental Planning and Control of Trees

Chapter 20B Environmental Trust Fund

Chapter 20C Manhasset Bay Improvement Fund

Chapter 20D Environmental Legacy Fund

Chapter 20E Wtc Relief Fund

Chapter 21 Floodplain Management Regulations

Chapter 22 Fire Prevention

Chapter 22A Games of Chance

Chapter 23 Governmental Departments

Chapter 23A Exemption of Real Property Within Villages

Chapter 24 Governmental Operations

Chapter 25 Grading and Soil Removal

Chapter 26 Highways: Notice of Defect

Chapter 27 Historic Landmarks Preservation

Chapter 28 Housing, Rehabilitation and Property Maintenance Code

Chapter 28A Housing, Open

Chapter 29 Inflammable Materials

Chapter 29A Underground Storage of Flammable and Other Hazardous Liquids

Chapter 30 Security Gates On Premises Located Within Any Business District

Chapter 31 Junk Dealers

Chapter 32 Drop-Off Bins

Chapter 33 Launderettes

Chapter 34 Littering and Dumping

Chapter 35 Materials, Deposit of

Chapter 36 Movies and Filming

Chapter 37 Mechanical Bucking Devices

Chapter 38 Noise

Chapter 39 Regulation of Town Parks, Town Gardens and Town Docks

Chapter 39A Payroll Deductions

Chapter 40 Peddlers and Solicitors

Chapter 40A Personal Property, Abandonment of

Chapter 41 Plumbing

Chapter 41A Pregnancy Termination Facilities

Chapter 41B Public Parking Fields

Chapter 42 Public Waterways; Structures

Chapter 44 Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 44A Retirement Incentive Program

Chapter 45 Sand Bank and Pit Excavations

Chapter 46 Sanitation

Chapter 46A Stormwater Management and Sediment and Erosion Control

Chapter 47 Sewers

Chapter 47A Water

Chapter 47B Storm Sewers

Chapter 48 Sidewalks

Chapter 49 Snow Removal, Snow Emergencies and Street Cleaning

Chapter 51 Taxation

Chapter 52 Taxicabs, Limousines and Private Livery Vehicles

Chapter 54 Tobacco

Chapter 55 Tow Trucks

Chapter 56 (Reserved)

Chapter 57 Town Facilities

Chapter 58 (Reserved)

Chapter 59 Town Lands, Shorefronts and Land Under Water

Chapter 59A Town Property: Notice of Defects

Chapter 60 Trade On Memorial Day

Chapter 61 Trespass

Chapter 62 Unattended Animals

Chapter 63 Unsafe Structures

Chapter 64 Utility Pole Space, Condemnation of

Chapter 64A Double Utility Poles, Removal of

Chapter 64B Utility Pole Hazardous Chemical Warning

Chapter 65 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 65A Vehicles, All-Terrain

Chapter 66 Skateboards, In-Line Skates and Similar Devices

Chapter 67 Bamboo

Chapter 69 Waterways and Regulation of Boats

Chapter 70 Zoning

Chapter 75 Wireless Telecommunications Facilities


Chapter 80 Locker Rental Fees For Town Beaches

Chapter 81 Fallout Shelter Rules and Regulations

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List

Traffic Code

Article I General Provisions

Article II Traffic Regulations

Article III Parking, Standing and Stopping

Article IV Off-Street Firesafety Parking Zones

Article V Handicapped Parking

Article VI Removal and Storage of Vehicles

Article VII Miscellaneous Provisions

Schedule TC1 Traffic Control Signals

Schedule TC2 Speed Limits

Schedule TC3 School Speed Limits

Schedule TC4 One-Way Streets

Schedule TC5 U-Turn Prohibitions

Schedule TC6 Prohibited Turns At Intersections

Schedule TC7 Prohibited Right Turns On Red Signal

Schedule TC8 Stop Intersections

Schedule TC9 Yield Intersections

Schedule TC9A Gridlock Intersections

Schedule TC10 Trucks Over Certain Weights Excluded

Schedule TC11 Parking Prohibited At All Times

Schedule TC12 Parking of Commercial Vehicles Prohibited

Schedule TC13 Parking of Taxicabs Prohibited At All Times

Schedule TC14 No Stopping

Schedule TC15 No Standing

Schedule TC16 Parking Prohibited Certain Hours

Schedule TC17 No Stopping Certain Hours

Schedule TC18 No Standing Certain Hours

Schedule TC19 Time Limit Parking

Schedule TC20 Angle and Head-In Parking

Schedule TC21 Loading Zones

Schedule TC22 Taxi Stands

Schedule TC23 Bus Stops

Schedule TC24 Fire Lanes

Schedule TC25 Class A Fire Zones

Schedule TC26 Class B Fire Zones

Schedule TC27 Snow Emergency Routes

Schedule TC28 Commercial Vehicles Prohibited At All Times

Schedule TC29 Prohibited Street Entry

Schedule TC30 Lane Use Designations

Schedule TC31 Restricted Parking

Schedule TC32 (Reserved)

Article IX Port Washington Public Parking District

Article X Parking Area At Mary Jane Davies Green Park

Article XI Prospect Avenue Parking Field

Chapter TCI Street Index