Dorchester County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted and amended as indicated in text.]
Subdivision regulations — See Ch. 140.
[P.L.L., 1860, Art. 10, sec. 74; 1888, sec. 101: 1930, sec. 132; 1961 Code, sec. 140; 1935, ch. 410, sec. 132; 1955, ch. 104, sec. 132; 1974, ch. 9, sec. 140]
There shall be two (2) terms of the Circuit Court for Dorchester County in each year, commencing on the first Monday in each of the months of March and October.
Editor’s Note: Former § 7-2, Jury terms, adopted and amended as follows: P.L.L., 1860, Art. 10, sec. 75; 1888, sec. 102; 1930, sec. 133; 1961 Code, sec. 141; 1935, ch. 410, sec. 133; 1955, ch. 104, sec. 133, 1974, ch. 9, sec. 141, was repealed 2006, ch. 372, sec. 6.
[P.L.L.. 1860, Art. 10, sec. 76; 1888, sec. 103; 1930, sec. 134; 1961 Code, sec. 142; 1961, ch. 15]
The Judges of the Circuit Court for Dorchester County shall have power to pass all such rules as shall be necessary to facilitate the transaction of business in said Court, and said Court shall be considered to be always open for equity business.
[1961 Code, sec. 143; 1937, ch. 361; 1961, ch. 317, sec. 134A]
It shall be lawful to close the offices of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Register of Wills, County Treasurer, County Commissioners of Dorchester County and other county offices all day on Saturday of each week, provided that any Judge of the Circuit Court or of the Orphans' Court of said county may order and direct at any time that said office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Register of Wills, respectively, be kept open for a specified period on Saturday and said Clerk and his Deputies and Register of Wills and his Deputies to remain for such a time as the Judges of said Circuit Court and Orphans' Court, respectively, may feel necessary for the convenience of the respective Courts.
[1974, ch. 8]
The Resident Judge of the First Judicial Circuit residing in Dorchester County is responsible for the employment, discharge and classification of court personnel whose performance of duties is primarily restricted to the courtroom or the Judge's chambers. This includes his secretary, law clerk, bailiff and crier. On or before the first day of February of each year, he shall determine the compensation for these personnel and submit their proposed salaries to the County Commissioners. The salaries shall be established in the sound discretion of the Resident Judge and may be reduced by the County Commissioners only if the proposed salaries exceed the highest salaries paid comparable court personnel employed by the other Circuit Courts of the Circuit. For the purposes of this section, the Senior Resident Judge shall be that active Judge who first took the oath of office as Judge of the Circuit Court for Dorchester County.
Employment authorized. The Judges of the First Judicial Circuit of this state are hereby authorized and empowered to employ competent stenographers to serve in the respective courts of said Circuit.
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The salary of said stenographer shall be determined and set by the Judges of the First Judicial Circuit, said salary to be paid as follows:
The County Commissioners of Dorchester County, Somerset County and Worcester County and the County Council of Wicomico County shall each pay an amount of the salary specified as directed and certified by the Judges of the Circuit.
Said payments shall be made in monthly installments during the service on the presentation of the certificate of the Judges of said Court to the County Commissioners certifying to the services of said court stenographer.
The County Commissioners or County Council of the several counties are hereby directed and empowered to provide for the payment of their several portions of the salary of said stenographer at once on presentation of said certificates.
The several Judges of the respective Circuit Courts are authorized to provide for the employment of an additional court stenographer or court stenographers when, in their joint discretion, the volume of work requires and at the same compensation as provided above.
Appointment and duties. The stenographer so to be appointed shall be an officer of the Court and shall perform such duties as may be imposed upon him by the Judges of said Court, or either of them, and shall be required to furnish typewritten or printed copies to the attorneys of the Court as the Court may prescribe and direct.
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[1961 Code, sec. 147; 1961, ch. 785]
The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Dorchester County shall not accept for recording among the land records any plat of a subdivision within the City of Cambridge unless the plat has been approved by the City Engineer of Cambridge.