Dorchester County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of County Commissioners of Dorchester County 10-6-1992 as Ord. No. 215.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Sheriff; County Jail — See Ch. 44.
Editor's Note: This ordinance also transferred the responsibility for the operation of the Dorchester County Jail from the Sheriff of Dorchester County to the Warden for the Dorchester County Jail and directed that the Warden assume the responsibilities of the Sheriff related to the operation of the jail. See also § 44-9 of Ch. 44, Sheriff.

§ 75-1 Creation; general purpose.

There is hereby created a Department of Correction (the "Department") under the immediate direction of a Warden who shall be appointed by the County Commissioners.
The Department shall operate all programs pertaining to detention and rehabilitation of persons under the jurisdiction of the county government awaiting trial or having been convicted of a crime and sentenced by a court of competent jurisdiction for a term in the Dorchester County Detention Center or being held for any other lawful purpose.

§ 75-2 County Detention Center.

The Dorchester County Jail is an institution within the Department of Correction, and it shall hereafter be named the "Dorchester County Detention Center."

§ 75-3 Powers and duties of Warden.

The Warden of the Department of Correction shall be responsible for the safekeeping, care and custody of all inmates in the County Detention Center from the time they are lawfully committed thereto until they are lawfully discharged, released or withdrawn therefrom.
The Warden shall promulgate rules and regulations of the county which pertain to the administration and operation of the Department of Correction, not inconsistent with law, necessary to exercise the responsibilities and duties of the position.
The Warden will be provided with staff, equipment and office space at the Detention Center adequate to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Department.
The Warden shall be responsible for the maintenance and care of the inmates in his custody and shall be responsible for the safe transportation of such inmates within the boundaries of Dorchester County for the purpose of transporting said inmates to hospitals, the offices of physicians for medical consultations and dentists for dental care and to such other locations that may be necessary to keep appointments for the health, safety and protection of the inmates and the community. Any department personnel assigned to escort an inmate outside the Detention Center shall be equipped with a firearm. The responsibility for the transportation of said inmates to and from courts of law in Dorchester County and to or from any other locations, except for employment interviews, shall remain vested in the Sheriff of Dorchester County.
The Warden or his designee may in cases of emergency (fire, flood or other disaster) order the evacuation of inmates from the Detention Center even when such evacuation may increase the opportunity to escape, provided that such evacuation is initiated to prevent death or serious injury to inmates.
The Warden is empowered to authorize the staff at the Detention Center to use deadly force in accordance with law and in accordance with the Departmental standard operating procedures.
The Warden or his designee shall have the authority to transfer custody of inmates to authorized personnel of any other county, state or the government of the United States for transportation to the courts or to some other place of incarceration that may otherwise be provided for by law.
The Warden or his designee shall have the authority to designate staff members to escort selected inmates outside the Detention Center for employment interviews.
The Warden shall also perform additional duties and functions as directed by the County Commissioners.
The Warden shall serve at the pleasure of the County Commissioners and is not a merit county employee.
The Warden shall have the following qualifications:
Five (5) years' experience with a law enforcement agency or related experience.
Associate of Arts Degree in the field of law enforcement or corrections. Sufficient years of experience may be used as substitute for the Associate's Degree.
Ability to manage and oversee the operation, control and regulation of the Dorchester County Detention Center directly responsible to the County Commissioners.
Ability to enforce current policies, procedures and issues and interpret institutional policies.
Ability to analyze reports on cost and Detention Center operation to determine whether operating cost standards are being met.
Ability to plan, initiate and execute policy and rehabilitative programs and understand and interpret modern correction standards applicable to the Dorchester County Detention Center.

§ 75-4 Custody of inmates in facilities other than County Detention Center.

Should the facilities of the County Detention Center be inadequate to provide for all inmates lawfully committed therein, the Warden may, with the approval of the County Commissioners or their designated agent, make arrangements for the temporary custody of the inmates at other correctional facilities with the state.

§ 75-5 Appropriation of funds.

The County Commissioners of Dorchester County is hereby directed, authorized and empowered to make provision by appropriation in its annual levy from year to year for sufficient funds to pay the salaries and expenses hereinbefore provided.