Dorchester County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted and amended as indicated in text.]
Commissioners — See Ch. 10.
Sheriff — See Ch. 44.
[1963, ch. 99, sec. 199A[1]; 1965, ch. 531; 1974, ch. 56]
Written permission required; penalty. It is unlawful for any person to enter or trespass upon the property of another for the purpose of hunting deer thereon during the season for hunting deer with gun or rifle in Dorchester County, unless such person shall have first secured from the owner or person in possession of the property written permission to hunt thereon. Any person hunting upon the property of another shall exhibit his written permission to hunt thereon upon the request of the Sheriff or any deputy of the county or the owner or person in possession. The Sheriff, any Deputy Sheriff or any detective appointed under this section shall, upon the request of the owner or person in possession of any property on which there is hunting of deer, arrest any person thereon without the written permission of the owner or person in possession. Violation of this section is punishable, upon conviction, by a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.) and not more than five hundred dollars ($500.).
Enforcement of provisions; disposition of fines collected. For the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this section, the County Commissioners of the county are authorized to appoint one (1) or more detectives at the salaries fixed by them, and with the approval of the County Commissioners, the Sheriff of Dorchester County shall appoint one (1) or more deputies at the salaries approved by the County Commissioners. Detectives appointed under this section shall have the powers of a police officer for the purposes of this section, and they shall operate under the direction of the County Commissioners or the State's Attorney. Notwithstanding any other provisions of law to the contrary, all fines collected for violations of this section shall be paid over to the County Commissioners, who shall use said funds to help pay the salaries of the deputies and detectives appointed herein.
Editor's Note: The preamble to ch. 99 of 1963 read as follows:
"Whereas, numerous deer hunters are now hunting in Dorchester County during the deer season and a great many are not securing permission from the landowners and are totally ignoring the property rights of many people; and
"Whereas, the landowner can no longer regulate who is to hunt on his land nor the number who will hunt; and
"Whereas, the uncontrolled hunting by these trespassers is causing a danger to the life and limb of the residents of Dorchester County, and it is now necessary to enact more stringent laws in order that the trespassing by deer hunters might be reduced; now, therefor..."