Dorchester County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted at referendum 11-5-2002. Amendments noted where applicable.]
We the citizens of Dorchester County, Maryland, a body corporate and politic, under the Constitution and general laws of the State of Maryland, in order to establish a more dynamic, efficient, and responsive form of county government, which shall be empowered by us to exercise greater local authority to govern and be manifest in its scope to all, do adopt, ordain, and establish as our instrument of government this Charter of Dorchester County, Maryland.
Article 1. General Provisions

101 Body Corporate and Politic.

102 Exercise of Powers.

103 Name and Boundaries.

104 Definitions.

105 Separability.

Article 2. County Council

201 Composition.

202 Powers.

203 Council to Act as a Body.

204 Election.

205 Qualifications.

206 Term of Office.

207 Compensation.

208 Forfeiture of Office.

209 Removal of Councilmembers.

210 Vacancies.

211 Officers.

212 Investigations by the County Council.

213 Redistricting.

Article 3. Legislative Branch

301 Legislative Powers.

302 Legislative Sessions.

303 Legislative Procedure.

304 Enactment of Legislation.

305 Emergency Legislation.

306 Effective Date of Laws.

307 Referendum.

308 Publication of Laws.

309 Compilation of Laws.

Article 4. The Executive Branch

401 Composition.

402 General Executive Powers.

403 Non-Legislative Sessions.

404 Executive Duties.

405 County Manager.

406 Qualifications of County Manager.

407 Departments of Government.

408 County Attorney.

409 Review of Administrative Structure.

Article 5. Budget and Finance

501 Establishment of Position of Director of Finance.

502 Duties of Director of Finance.

503 Fiscal Year and Tax Year.

504 Preparation of the County Budget.

505 Budget Message.

506 Public Budget Hearings.

507 Action on the Budget by the Council.

508 Tax Levy and Balanced Budget.

509 Borrowing Limitations.

510 Transfer of Appropriations.

511 Supplementary Appropriations.

512 Emergency Appropriations.

513 Lapsed Appropriations.

514 Amendment to Capital Budget after Adoption of the Budget.

515 Composition and Limitation upon County Funds.

Article 6. Miscellaneous Provisions

601 Charter Amendments.

602 Termination of Charter.

603 Charter Review Commission.

604 Bonding of Officers.

605 Independent Auditor.

Article 7. Transitional Provisions

701 Nature of This Article.

702 Effective Date of Charter.

703 Time Certain Articles Become Effective.

704 Existing Laws.

705 Reference in State Constitution and Laws to County Commissioners.

706 Existing Officers and Employees.

707 Existing Members of Boards and Commissions.

708 Office of County Commissioner Abolished.

709 Composition of First Council.

710 Term of Office for Members of the First Council.

711 Salaries of the First Councilmembers.

712 Office of the County Treasurer.