Dorchester County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted and amended as indicated in text.]
[P.L.L., 1888, Art. 10, sec. 283; 1930, sec. 503; 1961 Code, sec. 354; 1878, ch. 321; 1933, ch. 464, sec. 503; 1939, ch. 777, sec. 503]
He shall collect all fines, costs, fees and other charges arising out of both criminal and civil cases to which he may be entitled by law and exercise all powers conferred upon him by law to enforce the collection of the same and shall at the end of each month, during his term of office, make an itemized report under oath of the same to the County Commissioners of Dorchester County in such form as said County Commissioners may direct and pay over the same to the County Commissioners for the use of said county, and whenever any Sheriff shall retire from office, leaving uncollected any moneys lawfully payable to him as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of his successor to collect and pay over the same, and it shall be the duty of the Sheriff to keep in his office a proper book for the purpose of an official record of moneys collected and to be collected, which book, immediately after his term of office, shall be delivered to the County Commissioners.
[1961 Code, sec. 355; 1939, ch. 777, sec. 503C; 1968, ch. 26]
It shall be the duty of the County Commissioners to pay for all supplies and provisions necessary, in their judgment, for the support and maintenance of all persons committed to the jail, said supplies and provisions to be purchased by the Sheriff and placed at said jail, and the bills for the same shall be presented by the Sheriff to said County Commissioners for approval and payment, and said County Commissioners shall furnish all fuel and light needed for said jail, and the Sheriff shall have the authority and power to appoint such assistants, with the approval of the County Commissioners, as may be necessary in any emergency, said assistants to be paid such salary as the County Commissioners may direct.
[1961 Code, sec. 356; 1939, ch. 777, sec. 503D]
It shall be the duty of the Sheriff to keep a correct and full statement or schedule of all persons committed to the jail, showing the length of time and the charge upon which they are committed and the name of the officer by whom they are committed, which statement or schedule, together with all books, papers and commitments kept by him pertaining to prisoners in the jail, shall at all times be open to the inspection of the County Commissioners or any of them. At the first meeting of the County Commissioners in each month, the Sheriff shall make to them, under oath, a full and complete report of all persons confined in the jail, with a statement of the length of time, the offense for which they are committed and the name of the officer by whom they are committed. The sums of money hereinbefore authorized to be levied and paid the Sheriff shall be in full of all claims of said Sheriff against Dorchester County or said County Commissioners for his care, labor, responsibility and expenses in discharging the duties of this office, including the keeping safely in jail of prisoners committed to his custody; supplying to said prisoners the provisions furnished for them by the County Commissioners, properly cooked and served in a proper and sanitary condition as hereinbefore provided; and keeping the jail in a clean and tidy condition, and the County Commissioners shall not pay said Sheriff for any service he may render in the discharge of his official duties and further or other compensation and shall not be in any way liable for any fees now or which may hereafter be allowed said Sheriff by law or for any further compensation than that as above provided.
[P.L.L., 1888, Art. 10, sec. 191; 1930, sec. 338; 1961 Code, sec. 321; 1884, ch. 332; 1890, ch. 529; 1961, ch. 113]
All persons sentenced to confinement in the county jail, either by the Circuit Court for said county or by any Judge of the District Court of Dorchester County in and for said county, and all persons committed to said jail and confined therein in default of payment of any fine imposed shall be subject during the time of such confinement to work upon the public roads of said county or on the streets of the Town of Cambridge or such other manual labor and work as they may be required to do by said Sheriff, and said Sheriff is hereby empowered to make such bylaws, rules and regulations as he may think necessary and proper for the clothing, regulations, management, control and conduct of such prisoners while engaged at the work or labor assigned them by said Sheriff or by the Town Commissioners of Cambridge when hired to and in the employ of said Town Commissioners. If any such person shall refuse to perform the work assigned him or is guilty of any act of insubordination or misconduct, such person shall be punished by the Sheriff of said county or his duly appointed deputy or special deputy as the rules and regulations prescribed by the Sheriff shall provide. The Sheriff is hereby authorized and empowered, in his discretion, to hire out for some useful employment all persons sentenced to said jail or committed and confined therein in default of payment of fines imposed upon them as hereinbefore provided upon such terms as may be agreed upon, and the Sheriff of said county or his deputies or special deputies shall guard said persons while engaged at work under this section and while going to and returning from such work and shall receive such compensation therefor as may be allowed by said Sheriff. The Sheriff may allow a deduction of five (5) days from each month of the period of every person committed or sentenced as aforesaid if he shall labor with diligence and fidelity and shall not be guilty of a violation of the discipline or any of the rules thereof.
[1961 Code, sec. 357; 1939, ch. 777, sec. 503E]
The County Commissioners of Dorchester County are hereby directed, authorized and empowered to make provision by appropriation in their annual levy from year to year for sufficient funds to pay the salaries and expenses hereinbefore provided for.
[P.L.L., 1860, Art. 10, sec. 211; 1888, sec. 284; 1930, sec. 504; 1961 Code, sec. 358; 1974, ch. 14]
He shall receive on executions issued by any Judge of the District Court of Dorchester County the same fees allowed by law to constables.
[1976, ch. 201]
Dorchester County or the Sheriff of Dorchester County or any official of Dorchester County is not liable for any medical services rendered to any prisoner in the custody of the Sheriff in excess of the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.) per prisoner in any one (1) fiscal year.
[1977, ch. 793]
The Sheriff shall have power to appoint volunteer auxiliary police officers to serve as law enforcement officers at various school and other civic functions. The auxiliary police officers shall be volunteers and will be assigned to assist the Sheriff, bailiffs and other police forces in the county. Their duties will be to protect persons and property at school and other civic functions.
[1992, ch. 21; amended 11-15-2016 by Bill No. 2016-5]
Notwithstanding § 2-309(K) of the Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland or any other provision of this chapter, the County Council, by law, may provide for the appointment of a Director of the Dorchester County Detention Center, formerly known as the County Jail, and assigns responsibility for the operation of the Dorchester County Detention Center to the Director.
The law shall specify the qualifications of the Director and shall state that the Director serves at the pleasure of the County Council.[1]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 75, Department of Correction.