Borough of Spring Lake, NJ
Monmouth County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
New legislation is pending.
Chapter/Title From 1993 Code
Location in 2006 Code
Adopting Ordinance
NLP; see Ch. 1, Art. IV
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Sec. 1-1, Short Title
Secs. 1-2 and 1-3, Definitions
Ch. 1, Art. I
Sec. 1-4, Divisions of the Code
Sec. 1-5, General Penalty
Ch. 1, Art. II
Sec. 1-6, Severability
Sec. 1-7, RGO of the Borough of Spring Lake to be Maintained by Borough Clerk
Ch. 2, Administration
Secs. 2-1 through 2-6, Mayor and Council
Ch. 52
Sec. 2-7, Business Administrator
Ch. 58, Art. VI
Sec. 2-8, Borough Clerk
Ch. 58, Art. I
Sec. 2-9, Chief Financial Officer
Ch. 58, Art. V
Sec. 2-10, Office of the Borough Treasurer
Ch. 58, Art. III
Sec. 2-11, Auditor
Omitted (footnote only)
Sec. 2-12, Tax Collector
Ch. 58, Art. II
Sec. 2-13, Tax Assessor
Ch. 58, Art. VIII
Sec. 2-14, Planning Board Secretary
Ch. 58, Art. VII
Secs. 2-15 through 2-19 (Reserved)
Sec. 2-20, Background Check for Employment, Licensing and Procurement of Services
Ch. 12 (Ord. No. 44-2005)
Sec. 2-21, Additional Municipal Offices and Employees
Ch. 58, Art. IV
Secs. 2-22 and 2-23 (Reserved)
Sec. 2-24, Municipal Court
Ch. 31
Sec. 2-25, Police Department
Ch. 76
Sec. 2-26, Fire Department
Ch. 43
Secs. 2-27 through 2-34 (Reserved)
Sec. 2-35, Board of Health
Ch. 18, Art. I
Sec. 2-36, Municipal Housing Element and Fair Share Plan Committee
Ch. 18, Art. VI (Ord. No. 16-2003)
Sec. 2-37, Local Assistance Board
Sec. 2-38, Pools Utility
Ch. 18, Art. V (Ord. No. 6-2003)
Sec. 2-39, Board of Recreation Commissioners
Ch. 18, Art. II
Sec. 2-40, The Beach Utility of the Borough of Spring Lake
Ch. 18, Art. III
Sec. 2-41, Environmental Commission
Ch. 18, Art. IV
Sec. 2-42, Planning, Zoning and Lane Use Committee
Repealed by Ord. No. 1-2006
Sec. 2-43, Municipal Finance Advisory Committee
Repealed by Ord. No. 1-2006
Sec. 2-44, Municipal Technology Committee
Repealed by Ord. No. 1-2005
Sec. 2-45, Municipal Cable Television Advisory Committee
Repealed by Ord. No. 1-2006
Sec. 2-46, Sewer/Water Advisory Committee
Repealed by Ord. No. 1-2006
Sec. 2-47, Pools and Pavilions Advisory Committee
Repealed by Ord. No. 1-2005
Sec. 2-48, Searches and Certificates
Ch. 289
Sec. 2-49, Payment of Claims
Ch. 25
Sec. 2-50, Payroll Account
Ch. 65
Sec. 2-51, Payment of Taxes and Assessments Required Prior to Issuance of Licenses, Permits or Certificates of Occupancy
Ch. 336, Art. I
Ch. 3, Police Regulations
Sec. 3-1, Noise
Ch. 250
Sec. 3-2, Littering
Superseded by Ord. No. 37-2005;
see Ch. 231.
Sec. 3-3, Bicycles
Ch. 120
Sec. 3-4, Peace and Good Order
Sec. 3-5, Motorboats
Ch. 126, Art. I
Sec. 3-6, Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited in Certain Public Places
Ch. 100, Art. II
Sec. 3-7, Hunting and Gunning
Ch. 217
Sec. 3-8, Parking in Front Yard Prohibited
Ch. 225, § 225-34F
Sec. 3-9, Drug-Free School Zones
Ch. 169, Art. I
Sec. 3-10, Malicious Damage to Property
Ch. 280
Sec. 3-11, State of Emergency
Ch. 37
Sec. 3-12, Cigarette Vending Machines
Ch. 370, Art. I
Sec. 3-13, Drug-Free Public Property Zones
Ch. 169, Art. II
Sec. 3-14, Possession/Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by Underage Persons on Private Property
Ch. 100, Art. III
Sec. 3-15, Abandoned, Junked or Unregistered Vehicles
Ch. 363
Ch. 4, General Licensing
Sec. 4-1, Hawkers and Peddlers
Repealed by Ord. No. 23-2005;
see Ch. 273
Sec. 4-2, Licensing Regulations of Taxicabs
Ch. 342
Sec. 4-3 (Reserved)
Sec. 4-4, Garage Sales
Ch. 193
Sec. 4-5, Hotels and Boarding Houses
Ch. 206
Sec. 4-6, Horse Drawn Tours
Ch. 201
Sec. 4-7, Newspaper Distribution Boxes
Ch. 245
Ch. 5, Animal Control
Secs. 5-1 through 5-5, Dog Control and Licensing
Ch. 107, Art. I
Sec. 5-6, Licensing of Cats
Ch. 107, Art. II
Sec. 5-7, Vicious and Potentially Dangerous Dogs
Ch. 107, Art. III
Ch. 6, Alcoholic Beverage Control
Ch. 100, Art. I
Ch. 7, Traffic
Ch. 7
Ch. 8, Personnel Policies
Ch. 70
Ch. 9, Building and Housing
Secs. 9-1 through 9-5
Ch. 156
Secs. 9-6 and 9-7 (Reserved)
Sec. 9-8, Housing Code
Ch. 211
Sec. 9-9, Multiple Dwelling Evacuation Plan
Ch. 239
Sec. 9-10 (Reserved)
Sec. 9-11, Rental Accommodations
Ch. 292, Art. I
Sec. 9-12, Rental Properties: Bond Required, etc.
Ch. 292, Art. II
Sec. 9-13, Waiting Period for Issuance of a Demolition Permit
Ch. 133
Sec. 9-14, Buildings Unfit for Human Habitation
Ch. 145, Art. I
Secs. 9-15 and 9-16 (Reserved)
Sec. 9-17, Unsafe Structures
Ch. 145, Art. II
Sec. 9-18, Numbering of Buildings
Ch. 139
Ch. 10, Property Maintenance Code
Sec. 10-1, Property Maintenance
Ch. 286, Art. II
Sec. 10-2, Removal of Trash, Brush and Debris
10-2.1 through 10-2.5
Ch. 286, Art. I
Ch. 162, Art. II
Sec. 10-3, Portable Toilet Facilities at Construction Sites
Ch. 162, Art. I
Sec. 10-4, Removal of Conditions that Threaten or Endanger the Public Health, etc.
Ch. 286, Art. III
Sec. 10-5, Tree Removal and Protection
Ch. 356, Art. I
Sec. 10-6, Keeping of Junked or Unregistered Vehicles on Private Property
Ch. 363
Ch. 11, Fire Prevention and Protection
Sec. 11-1
Ch. 180, Art. II
Sec. 11-2
Ch. 180, Art. I
Ch. 12, Water and Sewer
Ch. 376
Sec. 12-1, Water Charges and Surcharges; Billing Procedures
Art. I
Sec. 12-2 (Reserved)
Secs. 12-3 through 12-8
Art. II
Sec. 12-9, Water and Sewer Service Connections
Art. I
Sec. 12-10 (Reserved)
Sec. 12-11, Water Use Restrictions
Sec. 12-12, Water Emergencies
Art. IX
Secs. 12-13 through 12-15 (Reserved)
Sec. 12-16, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Art. III
Sec. 12-17 (Reserved)
Sec. 12-18, Water and Sewer Utility
Art. VII
Secs. 12-19 and 12-20 (Reserved)
Sec. 12-21, Sewer Connections
Art. II
Sec. 12-22, Discharge into Sewer System
Sec. 12-23, Prohibited Connections
Art. VI
Ch. 13, Streets and Sidewalks
Ch. 330
Ch. 14, Beaches, Parks and Recreation Areas
Sec. 14-1, Tennis Courts
Ch. 265, Art. III
Sec. 14-2, Beaches
Ch. 114, Art. I
Sec. 14-3, North End Pavilion and South End Pavilion
Ch. 114, Art. II
Sec. 14-4, Hours of Operation for Parks and Recreation Areas
Ch. 265, Art. V
Sec. 14-5, Preservation of dunes
Ch. 114, Art. II
Sec. 14-6, Gazebo in Potter Park
Ch. 265, Art. II
Sec. 14-7, Boats and Rowboats on Borough Lakes
Ch. 126, Art. II
Sec. 14-8, Feeding of Migratory and Wild Waterfowl
Ch. 265, Art. IV
Ch. 15, Trailers and Campers
Ch. 350
Ch. 16, Cable Television Franchise
Superseded by Ord. No. 24-2003;
see Ch. A460
Ch. 17, Flood Hazard Protection
Ch. 186
Ch. 18, Solid Waste Management
Sec. 18-1, Garbage and Refuse Collection
Ch. 315, Art. I
Sec. 18-2, Recycling Program
Ch. 315, Art. II
Chs. 19 through 42 (Reserved)
Ch. 43, Land Development
Ch. 225
Appendix A (Code Comparative Table)
Derivation Table
Appendix B (Ordinance Disposition List for 1993 Code)
Appendix C (Ordinance Disposition List for Code Supplementation)
Disposition List
Main Index
Land Use Index
Main Index
Board of Health
Ch. BHI, General
Sec. 1-1, Definition, Construction and Severability
Ch. 400, Art. I
Sec. 1-2, Penalty
Ch. 400, Art. II
Secs. 1-3 through 1-7, Health Officer, Sanitary Inspector, Secretary of the Board of Health, Terms of Office, Powers and Duties of Officers
Ch. 400, Art. III
Ch. BHII, Retail Food Establishments
Ch. 410
Ch. BHIII, Nuisance Code
Ch. 420
Ch. BHIV, Swimming Pool Code
Ch. 435
Disposition List for Board of Health Ordinances
Board of Health Index
Main Index