Township of Crescent, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Ambulance service — See Ch. 650.
[Res. No. 11-82, passed 2-2-1982]
The Board ratifies and approves the Mutual Assistance Programs entered into by the Crescent Township Volunteer Fire Department with the fire services of nearby communities and authorizes and urges all qualified members of our fire services and all candidates for membership therein, to attend and take part in drills, exercises, and training programs offered or conducted in nearby communities. The Board also authorizes and urges such members and candidates to take part in any training program sponsored by the commonwealth, and Association meetings, even in places remote from this community, with full assurance that the insurance which this body maintains for the protection of its volunteer fire personnel will be as fully available to them while they are so engaged beyond our boundaries as would be the case if the activities mentioned were performed within the limits of the Township.
Upon receipt from Allegheny County of the statement of assessed value for the Township, a calculation of the value of 1/2 (0.5) mil will be made by the Township to determine the approximate amount to be placed in the Firefighter Referendum Account during the coming year. The Township will notify the Fire Department of this amount in January.
The property tax statement for each property owner in the Township will include a separate line item showing the dollar amount equal to 1/2 (0.5) mil of tax dedicated to the Firefighter Referendum Account.
Upon receipt of property tax funds and following the annual discount period, an amount equal to 1/2 mil will be deposited into an interest bearing account, to be known as the "Firefighter Referendum Account." Delinquent taxes, less costs and fees of collection, shall likewise be deposited into the Firefighter Referendum Account at such time those taxes are collected by the Township. This account will be established and maintained by the Township.
[Amended 11-13-2014 by Ord. No. 553]
The officers of the Crescent Township Volunteer Fire Department will have sole discretion on the use of the funds contained in the Firefighter Referendum Account; however, funds may only be used for the purposes identified in Section 1709 of the First Class Township Code and in the referendum question.
"Shall the Township increase the taxes upon real property within the Township by 1/2 mil for the purpose of purchasing, maintaining and operating fire fighting apparatus and maintaining suitable places for housing of fire fighting apparatus by the Crescent Township Volunteer Fire Department?"
The Township will be responsible for paying invoices upon receipt from the designated officer of the Fire Department. Such payments will be made in a timely fashion and may not exceed the total amount available in the Firefighter Referendum Account.
Funds in the Firefighter Referendum Account on December 31 of each year will remain in this account and may accrue over time as determined by the officers of the Fire Department.
The Township will issue a monthly statement of transactions and account balance to the designated officer of the Crescent Township Volunteer Fire Department. The Fire Department will send written notice to the Secretary/Manager annually in January naming such officer.