Township of Crescent, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Table A Franchises

Table B Dedication, Vacation and Plat Approval

Table C Rezoning of Specific Properties

Part One: Administration Code

Chapter 120 Codified Ordinances

Chapter 130 Wards

Chapter 140 Board of Commissioners

Chapter 142 Secretary-Manager

Chapter 143 Auditor

Chapter 144 Solicitor

Chapter 146 (Reserved)

Chapter 148 Tax Collector and Treasurer

Chapter 150 Engineer

Chapter 152 Building Official

Chapter 154 Police Department

Chapter 156 Fire Department

Chapter 160 Parks and Recreation

Chapter 162 Planning Commission

Chapter 170 Char-West Council of Governments

Chapter 172 Pennsylvania State Department of Cooperative Purchasing

Chapter 174 Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust

Chapter 176 Municipal Risk Management Workers' Compensation Trust

Chapter 178 Municipal Employers' Insurance Trust Plan

Chapter 180 Employee Policy

Chapter 182 Social Security

Chapter 184 Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System for Employees Other Than Police Officers

Chapter 186 Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System for Full-Time Police Officers

Chapter 188 Federal Revenue Sharing

Part Two: Building Code

Chapter 230 Floodplain Construction, Development and Management

Chapter 220 Uniform Construction Code

Chapter 240 Building and Zoning Permits

Part Three: Finance and Taxation

Chapter 305 Fire Insurance Proceeds

Chapter 310 Video Programming Municipal Tax

Chapter 315 Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

Chapter 320 Earned Income Tax

Chapter 330 (Reserved)

Chapter 340 Local Services Tax

Chapter 350 Realty Transfer Tax

Chapter 360 Current Budget and Real Property Tax

Chapter 370 Collection of Taxes

Chapter 380 Amusement Device Tax

Chapter 390 Tax Relief for Longtime Owner-Occupants of Property Within Township

Chapter 400 Municipal Claims and Liens

Part Four: Land Use Code

Chapter 420 Comprehensive Planning

Chapter 430 Zoning

Chapter 440 Subdivision and Land Development

Chapter 445 Stormwater Management

Chapter 446 Storm Sewers and Drainage Facilities

Chapter 447 Storm Sewers Operation and Maintenance

Chapter 450 Planned Residential Developments

Chapter 460 Building Numbering

Part Five: Public Health, Safety and Welfare Code

Chapter 520 Public Nuisances

Chapter 521 Noise

Chapter 522 Geophysical and Seismic Testing

Chapter 525 Junked or Abandoned Motor Vehicles

Chapter 530 Junk Businesses

Chapter 535 Commercial and Noncommercial Solicitation

Chapter 540 Disorderly Conduct

Chapter 550 Curfews for Minors and Certain Businesses

Chapter 560 Firearms and Fireworks

Chapter 570 Lewd Films, Theater Productions and Publications

Chapter 580 Disaster Planning

Chapter 585 Accident Cost Recovery

Chapter 590 Parks and Parklets

Chapter 595 Property Maintenance

Part Six: Public Utilities and Services Code

Chapter 620 Water

Chapter 630 Sanitary Sewers

Chapter 635 Sanitary Sewers — Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program

Chapter 640 Garbage and Rubbish Removal

Chapter 650 Ambulance Service

Chapter 660 Cable Television Service

Part Seven: Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 710 Private Property Within Public Rights-Of-Way

Chapter 720 Street Construction

Chapter 730 Sidewalk Construction

Chapter 740 Excavation or Tunneling in Streets or Other Public Places

Chapter 750 Heavy Vehicles

Part Eight: Traffic Code

Chapter 820 General Provisions

Chapter 830 One-Way Streets, Stop Intersections and Parking Restrictions

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List