Township of Crescent, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Res. No. XI-81, passed 10-6-1981; Res. No. 3-92, passed 6-10-1992]
The Township agrees to become a Charter member of the Municipal Risk Management Corporation, created by the Allegheny League of Municipalities, and agrees to pay its municipal workers' compensation premiums to the Municipal Risk Management Corporation or its designated agent beginning April, 1992.
The Township shall make application to become an inactive participant in the Municipal Risk Management Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Pool, pending favorable action by the State Legislature on the surety bond and audit requirements relating thereto, and, in the event these matters are not favorably resolved by the State Legislature on or before October 1, 1992, the Township shall obtain insurance coverage for workers' compensation benefits through the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Bureau.
[Ord. No. 410, passed 8-12-1992]
The proper municipal officers are hereby authorized to execute and deliver the following documents, expressly subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Township Resolution No. 3-92.
The Municipal Risk Management Workmen's Compensation Pooled Trust Agreement (hereinafter the agreement); and
The participant application, which documents are attached hereto and made part hereof and which may be inspected by any interested citizen at the office of the Municipal Secretary.
The duration of the term of the agreement is four years from the date of admission to the Trust as a participant.
The purpose and objective of the agreement are set forth in Article V of the agreement.
The powers and scope of authority delegated are set forth in Article II, Article V, Article VI, Article VIII and Article IX of the agreement.
The funds for meeting the obligations of the political subdivision under the agreement shall be appropriated from the general funds of the political subdivision.
The organizational structure necessary to implement the agreement consists of the Trust, trustees, service agents and fiscal agents created by the agreement.
Property acquired for the purposes of the Trust shall be acquired, managed and disposed of under the terms of the attached trust agreement.
The Trust shall be empowered to enter into contracts for policies of group insurance and employee benefits, including social security for its employees.
[Res. No. XI-81, passed 10-6-1981]
The Township agrees to pay to the Municipal Risk Management Corporation on or before January 5, 1982, an amount equal to 2% of the annual premium on its existing (1981) Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy as a one-time-only charter membership fee with the understanding that the Township, as a Charter member, shall not be required to pay any additional membership fees for any other self-insurance program which may be offered in the future by the Municipal Risk Management Corporation.
[Res. No. 12-94, passed 11-9-1994]
The Township hereby establishes as Township policy that all employees, where appropriate, shall be paid full statutory workers' comp benefits directly by Municipal Risk Management Workers' Compensation Pooled Trust on behalf of this Township as a self-insured member of the MRM Pooled Trust pursuant to Act 44 of 1993 and that the employee receiving such appropriate workers' comp benefits shall cash those benefits received from the MRM Pooled Trust and further that, where appropriate, the Township shall issue a Township check only in the amount to pay the difference in compensation to the appropriate Township employee as required by the Heart and Lung Act, 53 P.S. Sect. 637.