Township of Manheim, PA
Lancaster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1976 Code of Ordinances have been included in the 2012 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. II.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
New legislation is pending.
Part/Title From 1976 Code
Location in 2012 Code
Part 1, Introduction
Ch. 1, Use and Construction of the Code
Sections 1-1001, 1-1003 through 1-1007, 1-1009
NLP; see Ch. 1, Art. II
Sections 1-1002 and 1-1008
Ch. 1, Art. I
Ch. 2, Special Definitions
Part 2, Administration and Government
Ch. 1, Elected Officials
Article A, Board of Commissioners
Sections 2-1001 and 2-1002, Meetings
Ch. 30, Art. II
Section 2-1003, Compensation of Commissioners
Section 2-1004, Future automatic increases of compensation of Commissioners
Ch. 30, Art. I
Section 2-1005, Insurance Programs
Ch. 30, Art. IV
Article B, Treasurer
Ch. 99, Art. III
Ch. 2, Appointed Officials and Employees
Article A, Independent Auditor
Ch. 99, Art. II
Article B, Manager
Ch. 99, Art. I
Ch. 3, Departments, Offices and Agencies
Repealed by Ord. No. 2010-02
Ch. 4, Boards, Commissions and Authorities
Article A, Parks and Recreation Board
Ch. 105
Article B, Shade Tree Commission
Ch. 30, Art. III
Article C, Planning Commission
Ch. 120
Article D, Provisions Applicable to Various Boards and Commissions
Article E, Municipal Authorities
1) Manheim Township Municipal Authority
Ch. 11, Art. I
2) General Municipal Authority
Ch. 11, Art. II
Ch. 5, Pensions, Retirement and Social Security
Article A, Police Pension Fund
Ch. 109, Art. I
Article B, Non-Police Employees Pensions
Ch. 109, Art. II
Article C, Disability Compensation Plan
Article D, Firemen's Relief
Ch. 61
Article E, Social Security for Officers and Employees
Article F, Department Head Pension Plan
Ch. 109, Art. III
Article G, Deferred Compensation Program
Ch. 6, Special Administrative Provisions
Article A, Bids and Contracts
§ 2-6001, Escalator Clause Authorized on Certain Bids
§ 2-6002, Participation in County Purchase Contracts Authorized
Ch. 17, Art. I
Article B, Equipment and Property
1. Portable Electronic Stake-Out Equipment
2. Disposal of Unclaimed Property
Ch. 133, Art. I
Article C, Energy Conservation
Article D, Flood Insurance
Article E, Personnel
§ 2-6071, Organization Chart
§ 2-6072, Adoption of Equal Opportunity Police
Ch. 114, Art. I
§ 2-6073, Unemployment Compensation Benefits
§ 2-6074, Implementation of Ethics Act
Ch. 114, Art. II
§ 2-6075, Adoption of Personnel Policy Manual
§ 2-6076, Purpose of Personnel Policy Manual
§ 2-6077, Family Medical Leave of Absence Policy
Article F, Grievance Procedures
Ch. 75, Art. I
Article G, Specifications
Article H, Indemnity Obligation Policy
Ch. 82
Article I, Records and Documents
Ch. 66, Art. I
Article J, Worker's Compensation Administration
Ch. 87, Art. I
Article K, Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
Ch. 7, Intermunicipal Organizations
Article A, Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee
Ch. 87, Art. II
Article B, Other Inter-Municipal Organizations (Reserved)
Part 3, Financial Administration
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Article A, Depositories for Township Funds
Article B, Cooperative Procurement Program
Ch. 17, Art. II
Ch. 2, Taxation
Article A, Real Estate Tax; Tax Discounts and Penalties
Ch. 455, Art. II
Article B, Real Estate Transfer Tax
Ch. 455, Art. I
Article C, Resident Earned Income and Net Profits Tax
Ch. 455, Art. III
Article D, Local Services Tax
Ch. 455, Art. IV
Ch. 3, Other Revenues, Fees and Charges
A. Fees Pertaining to Specific Administrative and Enforcement Procedures
B. Security for Certain Costs Pertaining to Fire-Damaged Structures
Ch. 253
Ch. 4, Special Funds
Ch. 23
Part 4, Franchises
Ch. 1, Sewers
Repealed by Ord. No. 1986-19
Ch. 2, Television
A. Television Community Services, Inc.
B. Peoples Broadcasting Company
C. Cable Associates, Inc.
D. Cable System
Ch. 190
Part 5, Health and Safety
Ch. 1, Solid Waste
Article A, Solid Waste and Recyclables Management
Ch. 421, Art. II
Article B, Recycling Plan
Article C, Municipal Solid Waste Disposal and Joint Cooperation
Ch. 421, Art. I
Ch. 2, Grass and Weeds
Ch. 277
Ch. 3, Swimming Pools
Ch. 4, Animals
Ch. 167
Ch. 5, Individual and Community Sewage Disposal Systems
Article A, Sewage Enforcement Officer
Ch. 399, Art. II
Article B, Holding Tanks
Ch. 399, Art. III
Part 6, Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations
Ch. 1, Code Enforcement and Building Regulations
Article A, Floodplain Management
Article B, Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks
Ch. 329
Article C, Building Codes
1. Uniform Construction Code
Ch. 202, Art. I
2. International Codes
Ch. 202, Art. II
3. International Property Maintenance Code
Ch. 367
Ch. 2, Business Licensing and Regulations
Article A, Lessors of Rental Housing
Ch. 382, Art. I
Article B, Solicitors and Peddlers
Ch. 352
Article C, Automatic Protections Devices
1. Ordinance Provisions on Automatic Protection Devices
Ch. 160, Art. I
2. Administrative and Enforcement Regulations
Ch. 160, Art. II
Article D, Dealers in Second-Hand or Used Goods and Materials
Ch. 390
Article E, Massage Establishments
Article F, Vehicle Towing Services
Ch. 462
Article G, Refuse Haulers
1. Refuse Hauler's License
2. Refuse Hauling Regulations
Part 7, Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Ch. 480
Part 8, Offenses and Nuisances
Ch. 1, Offenses
Article A, Disorderly Practices
Ch. 216
Article B, Tampering with Property
Article C, Curfew for Minors
1. Curfew Ordinance
Ch. 208, Art. III
2. Curfew Enforcement Regulations
Ch. 208, Art. I
Article D, Trick or Treat Night
Ch. 208, Art. II
Ch. 2, Nuisances
Ch. 474
Part 9, Parks, Recreations and Shade Trees
Ch. 1, Parks and Other Recreation Facilities
§ 9-1001, Rules and Regulations Authorized
Ch. 346, Art. I
§ 9-1002, Penalty for Violation of Rules and Regulations
Ch. 346, Art. I
§ 9-1003, Motor Vehicles Banned from Community Park From November to March
Ch. 346, Art. II
§ 9-1004, Penalty for Driving or Parking Motor Vehicles in Community Park When Banned
Ch. 346, Art. II
§ 9-1005, Boettcher House Museum
Ch. 2, Shade Trees
Ch. 469, Art. I
Part 10, Public Safety
Ch. 1, Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Article A, Fire Prevention
Article B, Fire Protection
Ch. 259, Art. I
Article C, Control and Protective Measures
Ch. 259, Art. II
Article D, Fire Alarm
Ch. 160, Art. III
Ch. 2, Police Protection
A. Organization of Department
§§ 10-2001 through 10-2006
Ch. 125, Art. I
§§ 10-2007 through 10-2010 (Reserved)
B. General Regulations
§§ 10-2011 through 10-2015
Ch. 125, Art. I
§ 10-2016, Police-Related Services by Off-Duty Police
Ch. 125, Art. II
§ 10-2017, Warrantless Arrests
Ch. 125, Art. IV
C. Special School Police Unit
Ch. 125, Art. III
Ch. 3, Emergency Management
Ch. 48
Ch. 4, Ambulance Service
Ch. 6
Part 11, Public Services and Improvements
Ch. 1, Sanitary Sewers
A. Sewer Connections
Superseded by Ord. No. 1985-5; see Ch. 399, Art. IV
B. Sewer Rentals, Charges and Regulations, Sewer Districts No. 1 and No. 2
Superseded by Ord. No. 1985-5; see Ch. 399, Art. IV
C. Sewer Rentals and Charges: Properties Served by Lancaster Area Sewer Authority
Ch. 399, Art. I
D. Sewer Systems Regulations
Ch. 399, Art. IV
E. Industrial Waste Discharge Program
Ch. 2, Stormwater Management
Ch. 3, Water Systems
A. Connection to Water System of Municipal Authority
Ch. 493, Art. I
B. (Reserved)
Part 12, Streets and Sidewalks
Ch. 1, Streets
Article A, Street Acceptance
Ch. 435, Art. I
Article B, Street Excavation or Opening
Ch. 435, Art. III
Article C, Obstructions in Streets and Easements
Ch. 435, Art. IV
Ch. 2, Sidewalks
Ch. 435, Art. II
Part 13, Subdivision and Land Development
Part 14, Zoning
I-A, Maximum Speed Limits on Streets
Ch. 480
I-B, Traffic Signal Locations
Ch. 480
I-C, Intersections Where Turns Prohibited on Red Signal
Ch. 480
I-D, One-Way Streets
Ch. 480
I-E, Intersections Where Turns Prohibited or Restricted
Ch. 480
I-F, No-Passing Zones
Ch. 480
I-G, Through Highways
Ch. 480
I-I, Yield-Right-of-Way Intersections
Ch. 480
I-J, Streets Where Vehicle Weight limits in Effect
Ch. 480
I-K, Streets Where Truck Traffic is Restricted
Ch. 480
I-L, Snow and Ice Emergency Routes
Ch. 480
I-M, Streets Where Certain Types of Obstructions are to be Removed
Ch. 480
II-A, Streets Where Parking is Prohibited at All Times
Ch. 480
II-B, Streets Where Parking is Prohibited Certain Days and Hours
Ch. 480
II-C, Streets Where Parking is Time is Limited Certain Days and Hours
Ch. 480
II-D, Special Purpose Parking Zones
Ch. 480
II-E, No-Stopping Zones
Ch. 480
II-F, Streets Where Truck Parking Time for Certain Larger Vehicles is Limited
Ch. 480
II-G, Fire Lanes
Ch. 480
III-A, Metered On-Street Parking Zones
Ch. 480
III-B, Metered Off-Street Parking Zones
Ch. 480
III-C, Unmetered Off-Street Parking Zones
Ch. 480
IV-A, Sidewalks Where Riding and Parking of Pedalcycles Prohibited
Ch. 480
IV-B, Pedestrian Control Signal Locations
Ch. 480
IV-C, Pedestrian Crossing Restrictions
Ch. 480
V, Agreement and Contracts
VI, Annexation or Detachment of Territory
VII, Fiscal Affairs
VIII, Governmental and Intergovernmental Affairs
IX, Public Property
X, Sewers and Sewage Disposal
XI, Streets and Sidewalks
XII, Water
XIII, Zoning Map Changes
XIV to XX (Reserved)
XXI, Ordinances and Resolutions Specifically Repealed or Rescinded by Code-Adopting Ordinance