City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
State Law Reference — Authorizing cities of the fourth class to regulate animals and fowl, see RSMo., §§ 79.400 and 79.370. As to liens for care of animals impounded, see RSMo., § 430.165. As to rabies, see RSMo., ch. 322. As to wildlife, see RSMo., § 252.040. As to wildlife — see constitution article 4, section 40(a). As to animal care facilities — City dog pound, see RSMo., §§ 273.325 et seq.
Cross Reference — As to placing dead animals, etc., in wells, drinking fountains, etc., see § 20-13. As to fighting chickens, dogs, etc., see § 20-30. As to horses, etc., on streets, sidewalks, etc., see § 20-34. As to transportation of wild animals through City, see § 20-48. As to construction of vehicles for transporting dead animals, see § 18-18 of this code. As to zoning, see § 31-19(A)(8)(d). As to nuisance, see § 19-2(E) and (J).
Article I In General

Section 4-1 Running at large prohibited.

Section 4-2 Animal abuse or neglect.

Section 4-3 Exceptions to Section 4-2.

Section 4-4 Impounding by City — duty of officers; unsafe animals may be killed.

Section 4-5 Impoundment — redemption of animals other than dogs or cats.

Section 4-6 Impounding — disposition of unclaimed animals.

Section 4-7 Same — unauthorized removal of stock.

Section 4-8 Disposal of dead animals and fowl.

Section 4-9 Use of sales barns; provision for stock shows and fairs.

Section 4-9.1 Sale of exotic animals prohibited.

Article II Dogs and Cats

Section 4-10 Dog and cat license required.

Section 4-10.1 Definitions.

Section 4-11 Duty of owner to license dog and cat-when.

Section 4-12 Registration procedure generally; tags.

Section 4-13 Dog and cat license-receipts and tags.

Section 4-14 Tags — affixing.

Section 4-15 Duplicate tags.

Section 4-16 Offenses involving tags.

Section 4-17 Tags — nontransferable.

Section 4-18 Dog off owner's premises without leash prohibited except in certain designated areas, where different requirements apply.

Section 4-19 Impoundment — generally.

Section 4-20 Redemption of impounded dogs and cats.

Section 4-21 Release of impounded dogs and cats.

Section 4-22 Disposition of unclaimed dogs and cats.

Section 4-23 Code Enforcement Officer.

Section 4-24 Female dogs in heat; vicious dogs; dogs which chase automobiles.

Section 4-25 Keeping of barking, etc., dogs or cats; responsibility of owner to prevent dog or cat from damaging property or biting, etc., persons.

Section 4-26 Unlawful acts involving pound; hindrance of officer in discharge of duty.

Section 4-26.1 Setting loose another person's dog to run at large.

Section 4-26.2 Teasing or aggravating a dog or cat.

Section 4-27 Issuance of muzzling proclamation.

Section 4-28 Officer procedure when a dog or cat is injuring a person or domestic animal when impoundment of dog or cat is being attempted.

Section 4-29 Procedure when dog or cat bites, injures or attacks any person or domestic animal.

Section 4-30 Number of dogs and cats allowed at residence.

Section 4-31 Penalty for violating provisions of Articles I or II.

Article III Dangerous Dogs

Section 4-32 Designation of dangerous dog — defined.

Section 4-33 Designation of dangerous dog — procedure.

Section 4-34 Requirements for owner of dog designated a dangerous dog.

Section 4-35 Procedure when dangerous dog bites, injures or attacks any person or domestic animal.

Section 4-36 Penalties for violation of dangerous dog article.

Article IV Circumstances When Dogs Become Subject to Certain Requirements

Section 4-37 Circumstances when a dog shall be required to comply with certain requirements.

Section 4-38 Procedures to be followed for making a determination of when a dog will be subject to the provisions of Section 4-39.

Section 4-39 Requirements for owners of certain dogs to follow.

Section 4-40 Penalties for violations.