City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — For similar provisions concerning powers of City administrator, see §§ 2-47 and 2-48 of this Code.
Editor's Note — This ch. 22 was originally made up of ordinances 214, 337, 462, 916 and 986 and was replaced in its entirety by ordinance number 1425 passed on March 21, 1988.
Article I General

Section 22-1 Personnel Code.

Section 22-2 Definitions.

Section 22-3 Objectives.

Section 22-4 Scope.

Section 22-5 Employee agreements.

Section 22-6 Responsibilities.

Section 22-7 Equal employment opportunity.

Section 22-8 Labor actions.

Section 22-9 Employee obligations.

Section 22-10 Illegal acts.

Section 22-11 Violation of provisions.

Section 22-12 Revisions.

Article II Recruitment and Appointments

Section 22-13 Level of City employment.

Section 22-14 Notification of vacancy and recruitment.

Section 22-15 Vacancies.

Section 22-16 Recruitment.

Section 22-17 Recruitment for promotion.

Section 22-18 Residency.

Section 22-19 Age.

Section 22-20 Application.

Section 22-21 Application retention.

Section 22-22 Placement on payroll.

Section 22-23 Screening procedure.

Section 22-24 Disqualification of applicants.

Section 22-25 Consideration of police record.

Section 22-26 Medical examination.

Section 22-27 Postponement or cancellation of examination procedure.

Section 22-28 Eligibility file.

Section 22-29 Appointments.

Section 22-30 Priority of appointments.

Section 22-31 Probationary appointments.

Section 22-31.1 Qualifying period for  promoted,  transferred  or  demoted  employees.

Section 22-32 Seasonal, part-time, temporary appointment.

Section 22-33 Re-appointment.

Section 22-34 Reassignment.

Article III Classification and Pay Plan

Section 22-35 Classification plan.

Section 22-36 Job classifications and descriptions.

Section 22-37 Reclassification.

Section 22-38 Salary and wage schedule.

Section 22-39 Temporary reclassifications.

Section 22-40 Compensation Plan.

Section 22-41 Administration of plan.

Section 22-42 Appointment rate.

Section 22-43 (Reserved)

Section 22-44 Advancement within salary ranges.

Section 22-45 Standard work week — overtime.

Section 22-46 Changes in work schedule.

Section 22-47 Pay day.

Section 22-48 Payroll advances.

Section 22-49 Separation pay.

Section 22-50 Promotion policies.

Section 22-51 Promotion procedure.

Section 22-52 Temporary promotion.

Section 22-53 Transfers.

Section 22-54 Demotions.

Article IV Discipline

Section 22-55 Discipline policy.

Section 22-56 Disciplinary actions.

Section 22-57 Causes for disciplinary action.

Section 22-58 Employee notice.

Section 22-59 Removal of warning or reprimand.

Section 22-60 Probationary employees.

Section 22-61 Evidence.

Section 22-62 Personnel Board of Review.

Section 22-63 Appeals.

Section 22-64 Judicial suspensions.

Section 22-65 Separations.

Section 22-66 Attendance.

Section 22-67 Resignation.

Section 22-68 Reduction in force.

Section 22-69 Abandoned positions.

Article V Employee Benefits

Section 22-70 General leave policy.

Section 22-70.1 Family/medical leave.

Section 22-71 Holidays.

Section 22-72 Vacations.

Section 22-73 Sick leave.

Section 22-74 Injury and disability leave.

Section 22-75 Maternity leave.

Section 22-76 Funeral leave.

Section 22-77 Jury and civic leave.

Section 22-78 Military leave.

Section 22-79 Education and training leave.

Section 22-80 Leave without pay.

Section 22-81 Absence without leave.

Section 22-82 Federal Social Security benefits extended to all eligible employees, officials and officers.

Section 22-83 Submission of plan to State Agency; form and contents generally; effective date of extension of benefits.

Section 22-84 Deductions from wages.

Section 22-85 Contributions of City.

Section 22-86 Compliance of City with State and Federal laws generally; administration of plan and agreement by City Clerk.

Section 22-87 State Worker's Compensation Law adopted.

Section 22-88 Workers' Compensation Insurance — City authorized to carry on all City employees.

Section 22-89 Same — Board of Aldermen to determine insuring company.

Section 22-90 Missouri local government employees retirement system; election of coverage; eligible employees.

Section 22-91 Credit for prior service of present employees.

Section 22-92 Deduction from wages and salaries; employer contributions.

Section 22-93 Group health and group life insurance.

Section 22-93.1 Standby pay.

Section 22-93.2 Reimbursement for commercial drivers licenses expenses.

Section 22-93.3 Recognition and awards program.

Article VI Grievances

Section 22-94 Purpose.

Section 22-95 Grievance policy.

Section 22-96 Grievance procedure.

Section 22-97 Grievances for union employees.

Section 22-98 Discrimination grievance.

Section 22-99 Retroactive adjustment.

Article VII Performance Evaluation

Section 22-100 Program of review and evaluation.

Section 22-101 Type of evaluations.

Section 22-102 Evaluation for regular status.

Section 22-103 Evaluation for merit pay increase.

Section 22-104 Evaluation for promotion.

Section 22-105 Uses of evaluation.

Section 22-106 Department head evaluations.

Section 22-107 Evaluation of Chief of Police, Fire Chief and City Administrator.

Article VIII Miscellaneous

Section 22-108 Personnel records.

Section 22-109 Change of name, address, marital status, or telephone number.

Section 22-110 Residency status.

Section 22-111 Outside employment.

Section 22-112 Conduct, work habits, attitude.

Section 22-113 Physical and mental fitness.

Section 22-114 Political activities.

Section 22-115 Employment of relatives.

Section 22-116 Employee development.

Section 22-117 Administration of employee development program.

Section 22-118 School attendance.

Section 22-119 Break policy.

Section 22-120 Personal appearance.

Section 22-121 Payroll checks — assignment prohibited.

Section 22-122 Deductions.

Section 22-123 Personal accidents.

Section 22-124 Vehicle and equipment accidents.

Section 22-125 Safety equipment.

Section 22-126 Commendations.

Article IX Complaints Against City Employees

Section 22-127 Complaints against employees.

Section 22-128 Scope of Article IX.

Section 22-129 Reporting of complaints.

Section 22-130 Investigating authority.

Section 22-131 Investigation procedures.

Section 22-132 Results of investigation.

Section 22-133 Records of investigation.

Article X Policy Regarding Prohibited Drug and Alcohol Use

Section 22-134 Intent of Article X.

Section 22-135 General policy of Article X.

Section 22-136 Legal drugs and alcohol.

Section 22-137 Illegal drugs.

Section 22-138 Testing for drugs or alcohol.

Section 22-139 Leave with pay.

Section 22-140 Test confidentiality.

Section 22-141 Testing procedures.

Section 22-142 Voluntary treatment.

Article XI Additional Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Policy for Certain City Employees

Section 22-143 Policy.

Section 22-144 Purpose.

Section 22-145 Applicability.

Section 22-146 Definitions.

Section 22-147 Policy administrator.

Section 22-148 Alcohol and controlled substance prohibitions.

Section 22-149 Controlled substance and alcohol testing provisions.

Section 22-150 Testing controls.

Section 22-151 Employment assessment.

Section 22-152 Rehabilitation effort.

Section 22-153 Contractual support professionals (Medical Review Officer and substance abuse professional).

Section 22-154 Education and training.

Section 22-155 Confidentiality.

Section 22-156 Disciplinary issues.

Section 22-157 Coordination with other laws and policies.

Section 22-158 Amendments.

Article XII Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy

Section 22-159 Statement of policy.

Section 22-160 Description of harassment and sexual harassment.

Section 22-161 Duties of employees and officers.

Section 22-162 Investigation procedure.

Section 22-163 Duties of supervisors.

Section 22-164 Confidentiality.

Section 22-165 Penalties.