City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
State Law Reference — As to fire protection, see RSMo., §§ 71.370 to 71.390. As to purchasing equipment, see RSMo., § 79.450. Also see § 320.090.
Cross Reference — As to fire hazards in building, see §§ 5-15 to 5-17. As to fireworks, see ch. 11. As to burning of garbage and refuse, see § 13-2. As to burning substances which create noxious odor, see § 19-3. As to false fire reports, see § 20-25. As to fires in parks, see §§ 21-3, 21-4. As to removal of dangerous combustible materials by police, see § 24-23. As to fire guards, see § 24-26. As to Fire Chief banning fireworks, when, see § 11-7. As to fire hydrants, see §§ 26-47 to 26-48.
Article I In General

Section 10-1 Fire Department — established; composition.

Section 10-2 Same — Fireman job description, duties of Fireman.

Section 10-3 Same — duties when fire outside City limits; charges in such case for use of equipment — emergency aid requests.

Section 10-4 Same — appointment of Chief and selection of Assistant Chief; terms.

Section 10-5 Same — duties of Chief; when Assistant Chief to assume duties; duties generally of Assistant Chief.

Section 10-6 Same — Firemen under direction and control of Chief; duties generally of Firemen.

Section 10-7 Same — compensation of Chief, Assistant Chief and firemen.

Section 10-8 Fire Chief — powers and duties at fires.

Section 10-9 Same — to adopt all prudent measures for fire prevention; inspection powers; compliance with directions required.

Section 10-10 Same — to enforce all regulations relating to fire protection — to promulgate public safety fire regulations in case of fire scare.

Section 10-11 Power of Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief to arrest, etc., persons obstructing them, stealing at fire, etc.

Section 10-12 Obstruction, etc., of fire hydrants prohibited.

Section 10-13 Burning of combustible materials restricted.

Section 10-14 Fire Chief's permission required for use of certain whistles, etc.

Section 10-15 Appeals to Board of Aldermen; appeal to stay execution of order; procedure of board; appeals to courts.

Section 10-16 through Section 10-83. (Reserved)

Article II Explosives

Section 10-84 Applicability of article; storage permit.

Section 10-85 Transportation.

Section 10-86 Storage.

Article III Periodic Inspections and Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 10-87 through Section 10-88. (Reserved)

Section 10-89 (Reserved)

Section 10-90 Hot ashes and other dangerous materials.

Section 10-91 Accumulations of combustible materials.

Section 10-92 through Section 10-93. (Reserved)