City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
State Law Reference — As to authority of cities of the fourth class to license, tax and regulate certain businesses and occupations, see RSMo., §§ 21.750, 94.230, 94.270, 71.610 to 71.630 and 144.083(2). As to pawnshops, see RSMo., §§ 367.011 — 367.060.
Cross Reference — As to the licensing of alcoholic beverages, see §§ 3-1, 3-4 to 3-23 of this Code. As to finance and taxation, see ch. 9. As to licensing of nursing homes, see § 14-3. As to licensing of plumbers, see §§ 23-64 to 23-66. As to arborist's permit, see § 30-33.
Article I In General

Section 16-1 Required generally; exceptions.

Section 16-2 Failure to obtain prohibited.

Section 16-3 Separate license required for each business; exception.

Section 16-4 Operating more than one business at same location.

Section 16-5 When person deemed in business.

Section 16-6 Determination of whether business, etc., covered by Chapter.

Section 16-7 Responsibility of representatives for compliance of principals, etc., with Chapter.

Section 16-8 License not required for delivery of goods purchased outside City.

Section 16-9 Fees for operating vehicle on public highways supplemental to fees required by other provisions.

Section 16-10 Schedule of fees.

Section 16-11 City License Officer — City Clerk designated — duties generally.

Section 16-12 Same — promulgation of rules and regulations — additional duties.

Section 16-13 Taxes and fees to be paid to City Collector; issuance of receipt.

Section 16-14 Application; original license.

Section 16-15 Same — renewal.

Section 16-15.1 Municipal pawnshop license — requirements.

Section 16-15.2 Renewal of licenses for certain businesses — requiring certain plumbing device requirements be met.

Section 16-16 Application — refunds upon disapproval; engaging in business during appeal prohibited.

Section 16-17 Confidentiality of information.

Section 16-18 Inspection of business, books, etc.; operation of business upon revocation, expiration, etc.

Section 16-19 Posting or display of license.

Section 16-19.1 Delinquent license taxes — penalty.

Section 16-20 Registration of persons engaging in interstate commerce.

Section 16-21 Enforcement of Chapter; right of entry of License Officer, etc.

Section 16-21.1 Revocation, suspension or non-renewal of licenses; procedure.

Article II Utilities

Section 16-22 License tax — imposed; amount.

Section 16-23 Same — effect on other taxes.

Section 16-24 Same — payment.

Section 16-25 Statement of gross receipts.

Section 16-25.1 Maintaining utility business license tax rate on gross receipts.

Article III Cigarettes

Section 16-26 Definitions.

Section 16-27 License and tax for sale, etc. — registration fee.

Section 16-28 Payment; affixing of tax stamps; discounts.

Section 16-29 Appropriation of revenue.

Section 16-30 Sale without stamps; counterfeiting, etc., of stamps.

Section 16-31 Business license for vending machines; sale through vending machines.

Section 16-32 Application for and issuance of license; license non-assignment; display required.

Section 16-33 Duty of retailer on obtaining unstamped cigarettes.

Section 16-34 Enforcement powers of City Clerk; power to adopt rules and regulations.

Section 16-35 Unsalable cigarettes.

Section 16-36 Confiscation of unstamped cigarettes.

Section 16-37 Power of City Clerk to administer oaths, subpoena witnesses, etc.

Section 16-38 Penalty for violation of article.