City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
State Law Reference — As to cities of the fourth class holding real estate for burial of dead, see RSMo., § 79.010. As to provision for and regulation of cemeteries, see RSMo., § 79.430. As to sale of lots, see RSMo., §§ 79.440 and 214.030. As to cemeteries generally, see RSMo., § 214.010 et seq. As to transportation and disposition of dead bodies, see RSMo., § 194.010 et seq. As to no assessment for avenue, etc., repairs, against cemetery lots, see RSMo., § 88.703. As to construction of roads in cemetery, see RSMo., § 214.041. As to dimensions and depth of graves, see RSMo., § 194.197. As to nuisances, see RSMo., § 214.205. As to right to bury next of kin, see RSMo., § 194.119.
Cross Reference — As to buildings generally, see ch. 5 of this Code. As to disturbing religious assembly, see § 20-19. As to disturbing lawful assemblies generally, see § 20-20. As to firearms generally, see §§ 20-31 and 20-32. As to sexton, see §§ 2-25, 6-1 and 6-4. Also see § 2-58. As to running horses in, see § 20-34.
Article I In General

Section 6-1 Interment permit — required; contents; filing; fee.

Section 6-2 Same — purpose; who authorized to dig graves — licensed funeral director to be present — exception.

Section 6-3 Same — disposition of fee; responsibility of City regarding grave.

Section 6-4 Appointment of Sexton.

Section 6-5 Disinterment — permit required; fee generally; requirements to disinter.

Section 6-6 Permit — when not issued.

Section 6-7 Price of burial spaces; permit required for markers.

Section 6-8 Warranty deed.

Section 6-9 Dimensions and depth of grave.

Section 6-10 Machinery and vehicles — types allowed; speed on roadways.

Section 6-11 Same — on private lots or walkways.

Section 6-11.1 Same — special permit for use of mechanical diggers.

Section 6-12 Defacing monuments, etc., unlawful.

Section 6-13 Use of firearms regulated.

Section 6-14 Loud, indecent, etc., language prohibited.

Section 6-15 Presence in cemetery prohibited during certain hours.

Section 6-16 Picking flowers or breaking shrubs.

Section 6-17 Concrete apron required of lots; grave liners and additional requirements for certain lots; specifications for apron and other special requirements to be in warranty deeds.

Section 6-18 Gifts and donations generally.

Section 6-18.1 Burial of indigent persons in the Centralia Cemetery.

Article II Mausoleums

Section 6-19 Provision for allowance.

Section 6-20 Application to construct — contents.

Section 6-21 Same — standards for approval; granting of special permit.

Section 6-22 Inspections; deviation from approved plan; interment contingent upon certificate of approval.

Article III Perpetual Care Cemetery Fund

Section 6-23 Established.

Section 6-24 Composition  of  fund — gifts;  donations;  money  from  burial space sales.

Section 6-25 Same — income from investment; use of capital specified.

Section 6-26 Expenditures generally.

Section 6-27 Cemetery operating fund designated; transfer to same of income from perpetual care cemetery fund.

Article IV Cemetery Advisory Committee

Section 6-28 Created; purpose.

Section 6-29 Composition; appointment of members; filling of vacancies; compensation of members.

Section 6-30 Election of officers; quorum.

Section 6-31 Powers and duties.

Section 6-32 Report to Board of Aldermen.