Town of Secaucus, NJ
Hudson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Mayor and Council of the Town of Secaucus 7-26-11 as Ord. No. 2011-18. Amendments noted where applicable.]
There is hereby established in the government of the Town of Secaucus a department that shall be known as the Department of Finance.
The purpose of the Department is to establish and implement procedures to ensure that the finances of the Town of Secaucus are properly managed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances. The Department shall have the primary responsibility for the accounting management of the fiscal affairs of the town and control of the receipt and disbursement of town funds, including administration of the payroll and grants received by the town as well as the collection and assessment of taxes. The Department shall also be responsible for administering municipally-owned properties acquired through nonpayment of taxes or any other municipal charges. The Department shall be granted all of the administrative functions, powers and duties related to the foregoing purposes.
There is hereby assigned and transferred to said Department all of the officers and employees previously assigned to the Department of Purchasing, as well as, the Tax Collector, Tax Assessor and Chief Financial Officer.
There is hereby assigned and transferred to said Department all of the officers and employees previously assigned to the process of payroll.
There is hereby assigned and transferred to said Department all of the officers and employees previously assigned to the process of grants management.
The personnel staff of the Department of Finance may include clerical, operational, supervisory and managerial positions as deemed necessary by the Mayor and Council.
There is hereby transferred and assigned to said Department all of the property, books, papers and records relating to any of the offices and other governmental agencies hereinabove allocated and assigned to said Department, except such books, papers and records as are now required by law or ordinances of the Town of Secaucus to be kept in the office of some other officer or department of the town government.
There is hereby created the office of Director of the Department of Finance. The Director shall be appointed in the same manner as other directors in the Town of Secaucus and shall serve until the appointment and qualification of his/her successor and shall be subject to removal as provided by law. Vacancies in the office of Director shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.
The Director shall be the town officer vested with the control function of the management of the finances of the municipality. The control function shall include provision for an encumbrance system of budget operation, for expenditures only upon written requisition, for the pre-audit of all claims and demands against the municipality prior to payment, and for the control of all payments out of any public funds by individual warrant for each payment to the official having custody thereof.
The Director shall have the authority to investigate the financial operations of all departments within the town to the extent required to ensure that he or she can properly exercise the control function to which he or she has been assigned.
The compensation of the Director shall be established pursuant to the annual salary ordinance.
The Director shall be head of the Department and, in addition to the functions, powers and duties that are hereby or may hereafter be conferred and imposed upon him/her by law and the ordinances of the town, shall:
Exercise supervision and have general responsibility for all the operations of said Department and of the personnel employed herein.
Supervise the organization of the Department and changes in the organization thereof, and, to the extent to which the organization of his/her Department is not prescribed by law, he/she may organize his/her Department into such divisions and bureaus and make such assignment of powers and duties among them and, from time to time, change such organization or assignments as he/she may deem advisable, except that the boards, offices and other governmental agencies and positions hereby allocated and assigned to said Department shall be maintained.
Formulate and adopt rules and regulations for the efficient conduct of the work and general administration of the Department and the officers and employees thereof.
Make periodic reports with such recommendations as he/she deems appropriate to the Mayor and Council concerning the affairs of the Department under his/her jurisdiction.
In addition and without limitation to the general duties set forth herein, the Director of Finance shall have the following responsibilities:
To organize, develop, direct and perform the work involved in the management of the financial affairs of the town and control the receipt and disbursement of moneys.
To supervise and perform professional functions involved in the analysis and audits of the accounts, vouchers and other records and prepare statements concerning the financial condition of the town.
To develop, coordinate and maintain a system of accounting and financial reporting.
To direct and implement necessary computer systems and programs.
To train personnel in the operation and maintenance of automated systems.
To act as a financial advisor to the Administrator in the formation of the budget.
To report on and interpret financial data with the objective of promoting economy and efficiency in the execution of programs.
To develop, coordinate and execute financial policies, procedures and plans.
To develop, coordinate and maintain an integrated system of financial staff services through synthesis of data and information flow to provide the necessary financial control for the town.
To confer with and serve as a technical advisor to department directors on financial problems and other related matters.
To supervise clerical and accounting staff and assign their duties and responsibilities.
To prepare, audit and edit reports of costs and other financial summaries and financial statements and have such financial summaries and financial statements available for audit.
To review disbursements and controls to assure adherence to contractual obligations.
To supervise and maintain essential accounting records and files, including books of original entry and general ledger.
To provide technical and administrative guidance to staff.
To establish internal operating policies and procedures.
To plan projects or programs and recommend changes to existing operations.
To estimate budgetary needs of the town and allocate resources appropriately.
To forecast anticipated budgetary increases/ reductions based upon an analysis of the town's goals and needs.
To monitor expenditures against allocations to ensure that disbursements do not exceed authorized funding levels and develop recommended cost containment plans as are necessary to ensure proper fiscal administration.
To maximize revenues by ensuring proper state/federal reimbursements.
To develop and maintain a system of accounts consistent with the policy, procedures and requirements of the town and applicable state/federal statutes and rules.
To conduct periodic audits and inspections of varied financial transactions and records.
To prepare required fiscal/statistical reports.
To analyze fiscal/statistical management reports.
To establish and supervise the maintenance of suitable budgetary controls.
To supervise the operation of the Department's data processing activities to ensure that input is accurate and that output is sufficient to provide all needed financial and statistical information.
To supervise and review the accounting procedures used throughout the town to ensure that the procedures are uniform and consistent.
To prepare or direct the preparation of reports required by third-party reimbursement agencies.
To prepare or direct the preparation of reports to governmental agencies required by law.
To see that municipal financial operations are in accord with all legal requirements.
To monitor financial reports of all departments to see that they are in conformity with required procedures and policies.
To perform or direct the performance of cost analyses of departments and recommend changes based upon established norms.
To direct the enforcement of delinquent tax payments as prescribed by law.
To cause the preparation of the annual financial statement as prescribed by law.
To cause the preparation of the annual debt statement according to law.
To cause the preparation of the supplemental debt statements according to the Local Bond Law and municipal bond ordinances.
To administer the municipal debt, sale of bond application notes and bonds, as well as the preparation of the necessary financial and statistical data and the bond sale prospect.