City of Clifton, NJ
Passaic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I: Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 5 Administration

Chapter 6 Advisory Beautification Committee

Chapter 7 Affordable Housing

Chapter 9 Bonds and Notes

Chapter 13 Claims for Damages

Chapter 15 Claims, Payment of

Chapter 17 Clifton Arts Center Gallery and Sculpture Park Committee

Chapter 19 Constables

Chapter 23 Cooperative and Intermunicipal Agreements

Chapter 27 Court, Municipal

Chapter 31 Defense and Indemnification

Chapter 33 Elections, Municipal

Chapter 35 (Reserved)

Chapter 37 Fire Department

Chapter 43 Advisory Committee for Individuals With Disabilities

Chapter 44 Environmental Commission

Chapter 45 Hazardous Materials Control Board

Chapter 47 Health Department

Chapter 50 Historian

Chapter 51 Historical Commission

Chapter 57 Land Use Procedures

Chapter 61 Leases

Chapter 65 Library

Chapter 73 Personnel Policies

Chapter 77 Police Department

Chapter 81 Protected Tenancy Act, Administration of

Chapter 85 Recreation, Advisory Board of

Chapter 87 Recreation, Department of

Chapter 91 Redevelopment Agency

Chapter 95 Residency Requirements

Chapter 99 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 103 Seal

Chapter 107 Solid Waste Management Authority

Chapter 113 (Reserved)

Part II: General Legislation

Chapter 121 Advertising

Chapter 125 Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment

Chapter 127 Air Pollution

Chapter 129 Airports and Aircraft

Chapter 133 Alarm Devices

Chapter 137 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 141 Amusements

Chapter 145 Apartment Rental Businesses

Chapter 149 Auctions and Auctioneers

Chapter 153 (Reserved)

Chapter 155 Barges and Boats

Chapter 159 Bazaars, Carnivals, Circuses and Festivals

Chapter 163 Billiard Rooms, Bowling Alleys and Dance Halls

Chapter 167 Boarding Homes for Children

Chapter 171 Bootblacks

Chapter 175 Brush, Weeds, Uncut Grass and Debris

Chapter 179 Buildings, Moving of

Chapter 181 Buildings, Numbering of

Chapter 185 Political Signs

Chapter 189 Canvassing and Soliciting

Chapter 193 Cemeteries

Chapter 195 Certificates of Continued Occupancy

Chapter 196 Compost, Mulch and Topsoil

Chapter 197 Construction Codes, Uniform

Chapter 199 Contractors

Chapter 201 Developer Fees and Escrow Deposits, Zoning

Chapter 203 Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 205 Donation Bins, Clothing/Material

Chapter 207 Dry-Cleaning Establishments, Coin-Operated

Chapter 209 Dumpsters and Refuse Containers

Chapter 210 Dwelling Certificate

Chapter 211 Body Piercing, Scarring, Branding

Chapter 213 Emergency Medical Services

Chapter 215 Entertainment

Chapter 219 Fallout Shelters

Chapter 223 Fees

Chapter 227 Fingerprinting

Chapter 231 Fire Limits

Chapter 233 Fire Prevention

Chapter 235 Fire Zones

Chapter 239 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 241 Florists

Chapter 245 Food-Handling Establishments

Chapter 247 Foodstuffs

Chapter 251 Fund-Raising, Political

Chapter 255 Gambling Devices

Chapter 257 Games of Chance

Chapter 259 Garage Sales and House Sales

Chapter 261 Garbage, Rubbish and Refuse

Chapter 263 Graffiti

Chapter 265 Hawking and Peddling

Chapter 269 Heating of Buildings

Chapter 271 Hours of Construction

Chapter 273 Housing Standards

Chapter 277 Hunting

Chapter 281 Ice Cream Peddling

Chapter 283 Illegal Occupancies and Conversions

Chapter 285 Insurance

Chapter 289 Junkyards and Junk Shops

Chapter 295 Landfills

Chapter 296 Landscapers

Chapter 299 Library Property

Chapter 303 Licensed Businesses

Chapter 305 Lighting

Chapter 307 Littering

Chapter 309 Massage Establishments

Chapter 311 Meats

Chapter 315 Milk and Milk Products

Chapter 317 Motion-Picture Filming

Chapter 319 Motorbuses

Chapter 323 Newsracks

Chapter 327 Noise

Chapter 331 (Reserved)

Chapter 332 Nuisances

Chapter 335 Obscene Materials

Chapter 337 Oil Heat Retrofit Program

Chapter 339 Parades

Chapter 341 Parental Responsibility

Chapter 343 Parking for Handicapped Persons

Chapter 345 Parking, Off-Street

Chapter 347 Parking of Truck Tractors, Trailers and Buses

Chapter 349 Permit Parking on Residential Streets and Municipal Lots

Chapter 351 Parks and Playgrounds

Chapter 355 Peace and Good Order

Chapter 358 Portable Storage Units

Chapter 361 Quarries

Chapter 363 Rent Control

Chapter 367 Restaurants

Chapter 371 Sales, Special

Chapter 374 Sewer Utility

Chapter 375 Sewers

Chapter 376 Sexual Offenders, Registration of

Chapter 377 Outdoor Cafes

Chapter 378 Shopping Carts

Chapter 379 Skating Rinks

Chapter 381 Smoking on Municipal Property

Chapter 383 Snow and Ice, Removal of

Chapter 387 Soil Removal

Chapter 391 Solicitations, Public

Chapter 393 Special Improvement Districts

Chapter 393A Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting, Private

Chapter 394 Stormwater Control

Chapter 395 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 399 Subdivision of Land

Chapter 403 Swimming and Swimming Pools

Chapter 407 Tattooing

Chapter 411 Taxation

Chapter 413 Taxis and Limousines

Chapter 415 Telephones, Public

Chapter 417 Tenancies, Protected

Chapter 421 Theaters

Chapter 425 Towers

Chapter 429 Transient Merchants and Pawnbrokers

Chapter 433 Trees and Shrubbery

Chapter 439 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 441 Vehicles, Diesel-Powered

Chapter 443 Vehicles, Renting and Leasing of

Chapter 445 Vehicles, Sale of New or Used

Chapter 449 Vending Machines

Chapter 451 Venereal Disease Preventatives

Chapter 455 Water

Chapter 461 Zoning


Chapter A470 Cable Television

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List