City of O'Fallon, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note—Ord. No. 5756 §1 adopted December 8, 2011 repealed art. V and art. VI and sections 700.200—700.270 of this chapter and enacted the new provisions set out herein. Former arts. V and VI derived from R.O. 2007 §§700.200—700.270; ord. no. 1810 arts. IV, art VI §5, 4-17-90, ord. no. 3089 arts. III, V, VI, 12-21-93; ord. no. 3143 §I, 8-16-94; ord. no. 3634A §§2—3, 12-29-97; ord. no. 3993 §§1—2, 12-22-99; ord. no. 4285 §§1—2, 11-15-01; ord. no. 4619 §3, 12-18-03; ord. no. 4662 §2, 6-1-04; ord. no. 4923 §§2—5, 11-16-05; ord. no. 4924 §§2—4, 11-16-05; ord. no. 5095 §1, 11-9-06; ord. no. 5104 §1, 11-9-06; ord. no. 5273 §1, 1-14-08; ord. no. 5374 §1, 9-25-05; ord. no. 5718 §2—3, 7-28-11.
[Ord. No. 5756 §1, 12-8-2011]
Security deposits for water and/or sewer service shall be as follows:
[Ord. No. 6145 §2, 9-24-2015]
Residential water and sewer service combined, water service only or sewer service only: one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).
Commercial, business and/or industrial customers, each metered water connection or sewer connection, water and sewer service combined, water service only or sewer service only: one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).
Security deposits for commercial, business and/or industrial water services over one (1) inch in size will be based at one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per inch of meter size minimum. Additional deposits may apply for higher use customers.
Security deposits shall be paid prior to initiation and start of service, or the City may, at its option, add security deposits to the customer's water/sewer service bill. Unpaid deposits may result in service disconnection. Deposits shall be held without interest and are held to be applied to the final bill and any accumulated fees or charges until the customer has twenty-four (24) consecutive months of timely payment.
[Ord. No. 6145 §2, 9-24-2015]
For purposes of this Section, "timely payment" is no more than one (1) late payment or assessed fee or penalty for late or delayed payment, no returned check, no rejected payment, no discontinuation of service, etc.
Security deposits may be transferred and applied to a new location, at the City's discretion, when a customer relocates within the City's service area.
All security deposits shall be maintained in a separate account. No interest shall be paid on security deposits.
Liability Of Owner Of Multi-Unit Establishment. The owner of any multi-unit establishment containing two (2) or more units shall be considered the "customer" and user of water furnished to all units in the establishment and liable for the payment of deposit and service bills therefore. However, if the owner installs or causes to be installed separate water meters for each and every unit of the multi-unit establishment, the tenant may be treated as the "customer" for water and/or sewer deposit purposes.