City of Parkville, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Board of Aldermen shall appoint some suitable person to the office of City Collector, and such appointment shall be confirmed by a majority vote of all of the members of the Board of Aldermen. The person appointed to the office of City Collector shall hold his office at the will of the Board of Aldermen.
[Ord. No. 362 §2, 6-5-1956]
The City Collector shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, take the oath of office and give bond as required by ordinance.
[Ord. No. 362 §4, 6-5-1956]
The City Collector shall procure the City tax books from the Platte County Clerk as soon as practicable after the assessments for the particular year involved have been placed in the said tax book.
[Ord. No. 362 §5, 6-5-1956]
The Tax Collector shall make out a statement of taxes due for each taxpayer and mail same to said taxpayer.
[Ord. No. 362 §6, 6-5-1956]
Whenever any person shall pay taxes charged on the tax books, the Collector shall enter such payment in his lists, and give the person paying the same a receipt specifying the amount paid, year paid for, and the property and value thereof on which the same was paid, according to its description on the Collector's list, in whole or in part as the case may be; and the Collector shall enter "paid" against each tract or lot of ground when he collects the tax thereon.
[Ord. No. 362 §7, 6-5-1956]
It shall be the duty of the Board of Aldermen to require the Collector, annually, and it shall be the duty of the Collector to comply with such requirement, on the first meeting of the Board of Aldermen in April of each year, or as soon thereafter as may be, to make out, under oath, lists of delinquent taxes remaining due and uncollected for each year, to be known as the "Land and Lot Delinquent List" and the "Personal Delinquent List". It shall be the duty of the Board of Aldermen, at the meeting at which said delinquent list shall be returned, or as soon as may be thereafter, to carefully examine the same; and if it shall appear that all property and taxes contained in said lists are properly returned as delinquent, the Board of Aldermen shall approve the same and cause a record thereof to be entered on the journal, and cause the amount thereof to be credited to the account of the City Collector, unless any of said taxes are returned to him for further collection.
[Ord. No. 362 §§8,9, 6-5-1956]
The Tax Collector shall prepare all City licenses and shall issue them to the proper business and collect the proper fee therefor.
The Tax Collector shall handle all monies, which shall be received by the City of Parkville.
[Ord. No. 362 §10, 6-5-1956]
The Tax Collector shall receive compensation as set by the Board of Aldermen from time to time.
[Ord. No. 362 §11, 6-5-1956]
At the termination of his term of office, the Collector shall turn over to his successor in office all uncollected delinquent lists and back tax books, receiving credit therefor, and his successor shall be charged therewith; provided, that the Board of Aldermen may declare worthless any and all personal delinquent taxes which they deem uncollectible.
[Ord. No. 362 §12, 6-5-1956]
The City Collector shall report to the Board of Aldermen, at the first regular meeting in each month, all delinquent real and personal taxes collected, whether on the Personal Delinquent List or back tax book, during the month immediately preceding such report, and he shall pay the same into the City Treasury and shall receive credit therefor.
[Ord. No. 362 §13, 6-5-1956]
It shall be the duty of the City Collector to pay into the Treasury, monthly, all monies received by him from all sources which may be levied by law or ordinance; also, all licenses of every description authorized by law to be collected, and all monies belonging to the City which may come into his hands; and he shall receive from the City Clerk duplicate receipts therefor, one (of which he shall file with his) monthly report to the Board of Aldermen; the other he shall retain as a record in his office.